Home Sweet Home

5 Aug

Since we’ve been getting alot of questions about our apartment, I wanted to do a quick little ‘postlet’ with some pictures…But first, a quick shout out to my parents who are celebrating their 38th (!) wedding anniversary today!  How awesome is that?!  We love you!

OK, back to our place…Let me start by saying that this is one lottery we definitely won- our apartment is BEAUTIFUL and smack dab in the middle of Stuttgart and we got an off street parking space!  We have a two story, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath and balcony.  The S-Bahn (the regional train that takes you all over the city and surrounding cities) stop is right outside of our building.  The U-Bahn (the larger train that connects to even larger trains to take you all over Europe!) stop is 3 blocks away.  There’s a grocery store- definitely not a Publix, more like a Red and White for those of you from old school Lowcountry :)- on our block and the MarketHall (with everything fresh you could possibly imagine, but more on that later!) about a 10 minute walk away…

OK, a little tour…here’s what you see walking in the front door.

Entryway...Downstairs has 3 bedrooms, a foyer and a bathroom.

All of the bedrooms are off of this foyer.  The two spare rooms are nearly identical with twin beds, closets and desks.

Spare Bedroom...the second one is nearly identical.

Our room has a queen sized bed, a closet and a television.

Master Bedroom...you can see the balcony reflection in the mirror.

Off of our bedroom is a balcony looking away from city center.  We’re on the top (5th) floor, so we get to see everybody’s roofs!

It's a good size for us and the pups...

And the view from the balcony…

Looking toward city center...

The full bathroom is awesome, especially by European standards!  The best part?  My soaking tub 🙂

Picture taken from the tub. Standing shower is on the right, then step down to sinks.

Upstairs is the main living area with living room, kitchen, dining area and half bathroom.  There’s no air conditioner (standard in Germany), so there are LOTS of huge windows that are left open nearly all the time.

Taken at the top of the stairs...Living room on left, dining area on left. Love the exposed ceiling beams!

These are the coolest windows!  They are remote controlled and fold downward so it’s as if the whole wall is open to the outside if you choose!  The best part?  They have rain sensors- when they detect rain, they close automatically 🙂

Living Room...looking back toward stairs and kitchen.

Finally, the kitchen.  Many European apartments don’t have full kitchens, so we feel very lucky to have our small, but totally functional kitchen!  Small fridge and freezer, small oven, regular stove, single sink, small dishwasher and pretty decent cabinet space.  No complaints here!

Kitchen...The fridge and freezer look like cabinets along back wall. The silver 'box' hanging is the stove hood.

And the view looking out that kitchen window, away from city center…

Taken at sunset just after a thunderstorm...

So that’s it- now you’ve seen our little ‘home away from home!’  The only drawbacks we see so far…1. Laundry is in the basement (the fact that it’s on site and not at a laundromat is apparently a bonus for many places around here) and 2. We’re on the 5th Floor.  No elevator.  Enough said.

3 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. christina August 10, 2010 at 8:57 PM #

    your apartment is gorgeous! love the bathroom.

  2. Linda August 5, 2010 at 11:31 AM #

    Erin, WOW you two really did hit the jackpot! We didn’t see anything nearly this pretty while looking for a place for Sandy in London area. 3 br 2 1/2 baths would have cost at the very least $4,000 a month. Your location with transportation sounds perfect as well. I had lots of friends that when they traveled in Germany, Austria etc, they found bed and breakfast places to stay. I found a directory of bed and breakfast places ( with ratings ) throughout the UK. I am sure there must be something for Germany as well. Have fun , your pictures are GREAT. Linda

  3. Heather August 5, 2010 at 7:26 AM #

    Hey Erin! So glad to hear that you guys made it there safely and that all is going well in Germany. Love your new place!

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