Keepin’ it real…

18 Aug

‘Cause that’s what I do, folks!  What better day than a cold, rainy (no, it hasn’t gotten warmer than 60F nor quit raining in over a week!  *Eye roll*) Hump Day to do a quick ‘state of the union?’  In other words, nothing really news worthy, just chatting and random pictures :).

Hmmm, where to begin…Like the title said, I guess I’ll just get the true ‘keepin’ it real’ part out of the way first…Afterall, I promised y’all the good, the bad and the weird!  We’re approaching the end of our 3rd week in Germany and we’re having a blast…but…I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t starting to feel a bit homesick :(.  You know how you go on a vacation, you have an awesome time exploring new places, you eat your face off, you feel carefree…then you can’t help but start feeling the ‘it would be so nice to sleep in our own bed, float in our own tub, sit on our own front porch, love on our cat, visit with our friends (case in point, my best friend in the entire world, who lives overseas for 8 months of the year, is home for the summer and is living less than a mile from our house, yet I’m the one overseas now!)…’

The sister God forgot to give me 🙂

You know what I’m saying?  And for me (not so much John just because he hasn’t lived near his family in over a decade), there’s the added element of ‘I really miss my mom and dad,’ like REALLY miss them- I’m an only child, enough said.

Taken at Dad's Surprise Birthday Bash at Lake Moultrie earlier this summer...

On the flip side, the good news is that we were prepared for these feelings!  Yep, I don’t know how it works for other people, but when John and I travel, always- without fail!- at the 2 week mark, we find ourselves winding down and ready to go home!  We even joked just before our Black Forest getaway last weekend that ‘it was coming!’ Ha!  And we talked to our best friends, Sam and Chuck (the ones who’ve been living overseas for years now), and they let us in on the little secret- that they STILL get these feelings after all this time!  Bottom line?  We’re NORMAL!!  (I use that word in the loosest sense, of course! Nothing good about being too normal, folks, remember that!)  We have each other, we have our pups (God, this would be so much harder without them here!)- one thing we can say is that this experience is wonderful for us- having to rely on each other, being each other’s support, joining together as our little family- that part trumps it all.

OK, enough with the serious stuff!  Lots of you have asked about John’s work.  Sorry I don’t post about this more, it’s just that he’s a typical guy in that department and I don’t hear too much unless I pry with a crowbar!- how nice to be able to leave the office and not give work another thought until you get there the next day!  But seriously, John’s really enjoying his work here…the change of pace, the change of scenery.  He’s met alot of nice people- he sits in an office with three other folks, all very nice…and helpful since we’re newbies here!  Of course, he’s missing his work buddies and work projects at home (if you really know John, you know that he has quite the cushy work setup at home!), but he’s thoroughly enjoying the new set of challenges. 🙂  I wish I could post pictures of his work stuff, but alas, federal employee with top secret clearance (yes, that went through since we got here- he now has to alert the authorities when he goes out of the country!) = not allowed to take electronics in his building, let alone post pictures of it! Ha!  Maybe I can do a post one day soon about the bases (there are 4 here!) in general, etc…

So…all things that are good right now…We’re headed to Prague, Czech Republic for the long weekend (yep, John gets Friday off!  Maybe it’s Bike Helmet Appreciation Day? Heehee…) coming up- John surprised me and planned the whole thing from an awesome ‘Americanized’ hotel to give us a little slice of home (he even made sure it has a huge bathtub since I’ve been missing having one!) to private rooftop reservations at ‘the most romantic restaurant in the country!  Sorry, ladies, he’s taken :).  Then, one of our best friends, Andy, is coming to visit next week- WOOHOO!- it will be SO great to see a friendly face and to share some more adventures with him (we’ve traveled alot with Andy as he and John have worked together for years!)  There’s no telling what the three of us will get into! Ha!

At Hanauma Bay on Oahu, HI

After that, I’m hoping to go visit my best friend, Sam, in Tel Aviv, Israel for a few days (yep, from Europe to the Middle East, SHEESH! And I can’t wait!)  My parents are coming later next month (BAZINGA! Also can’t wait!) for Oktoberfest (which might as well be John and my dad’s Christmas! Ha!) and more travel adventures, so there’s no doubt that it will be good times, to say the least!  And of course, the obvious, more countries to see, cities to conquer for Thomas, Party of 4…bring it on!

Oh, and one last good thing…I got a bike!  Heading to the market and to the mall (more on that in a later post)…and I feel like a kid again!  Ain’t it purdy? 🙂

Yep, John even got me a basket for the front. I love it!!

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