Week in Review

3 Sep

It seems like I always start these posts the same way- that the week has really flown by!- but it’s so true, especially this last one since our pal, Andy, has been here visiting.  Still can’t believe this is the end of Week 5!

With John back at work- just think how much more fun this whole adventure would be if we were inherently wealthy and neither of us had to work!- Andy and I got to play tourist a little bit in and around Stuttgart.  Showing him around has given me a boost of self-confidence in that I’ve continued to realize just how much I’ve learned- about the area, the language, the culture, even the traffic laws!

So let’s see…other than the week’s most ‘significant’ experience (see previous post on Dachau), what did we accomplish?  Hmmm…Well, lots of walking and lots of eating, of course!  At least we’re sticking to two things the Germans hold most dear, right?!  Ha!

Early in the week, Andy has his first ‘Doner Experience.’  If you’re like I was 5 weeks ago, you’re scratching your head and wondering, ‘What the heck is Doner?!’  Well, Doner kebabs (not skewers, the way we think of kebabs- here it refers to a sandwich) is a Middle Eastern (Turkish) dish made of pressed meat (mostly lamb), cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order.  It’s generally served either tucked into a pita or wrapped in a flatbread with veggies and creamy sauces.  Similar to a gyro…There are Doner ‘stands’ EVERYWHERE here- on every street corner, sometimes 3 per block!  Germans love their Doner! 🙂

Typical Doner stand. The rotating meat 'stack' is always visible from the street.

The meat is thinly sliced into a pile at the bottom, then put into a pita or on a flatbread. Tail fat (yes, you read that correctly!) is constantly dripped from the top to keep the meat moist and tender.

Then the toppings are added- veggies, french fries (yep!) and two sauces- a tziki and a spicy mayo.

Lunch 🙂

I took Andy to what we all know is (still) one of my favorite places in the city…the Markthalle!  As always, it was fabulous, although I don’t think that he had quite the same love affair with it that I’ve had. 🙂  We did find some delicious raspberries that inspired dinner that night…A recipe in this month’s Women’s Health (yes, I go on base just to get my fitness and healthy magazines- don’t judge!)  Thin sliced pork, dipped in a raspberry concoction, then in ‘bread crumbs’ (crushed Fiber 1 cereal and spices), then pan fried.  Christina O., here’s lookin’ at you, kid!


'Erin's Healthy (and fiber-rich!) Pork Schnitzel' 🙂 Btw, definitely a keeper recipe!

We spent yesterday taking advantage of the fantastic weather we’ve finally been temporarily blessed with (62F and sunny- WOOHOO!) and further explored downtown Stuttgart.  Our realtor had told us about an awesome pet store in the heart of the city, so that was first on the agenda…Loved it!  It’s a smaller (although two-story) higher end boutique called Wau Miau (pronounced Wow Meow), somewhat similar to Dolittle’s or Hairy Winston if you’re a Charlestonian.  Note: German dogs say ‘wow wow’ instead of ‘woof woof.’  Interesting…Anyhoo, I found all kind of goodies for the ‘kids’ from kongs to ostrich neck treats!  Needless to say, they were happy campers when we got home!

I Heart Pets! 🙂

Just a few of my finds...yep, they even have linked lamb sausages for pups! No fat and good for digestion!

As you know, Stuttgart Weindorf (Wine Fest- see previous post) is still going on, so we couldn’t help ourselves (the aromas drifting through the air for blocks around it put any Coastal Carolina Fair food smells to shame!) and stopped for the traditional afternoon treat of ‘kafe und kuchen’ (coffee and cake).  I couldn’t believe how many people were there at 2p in the afternoon!

Trying to make our way through one alley of Weindorf...Each 'tent' sells their own specialties of meals, wines and sweets...

Enjoying authentic German fruit strudel with homemade cream and chocolate sauce...

Fresh-made pralined cashews 🙂

One place I’d been wanting to visit since I got here last month was the Fernsehturm (TV Tower), the world’s first TV tower built from concrete (and a prototype for subsequent similar towers all over the world.)  After a 20 month construction period, it was placed in service in1956 and now broadcasts several public FM radio stations.  Until 2006, it also transmitted analogue service. Although controversial at first, the tower quickly became a well known landmark of Stuttgart.  From the two observation decks, you can see every part of Stuttgart, from the the forests and vineyards to the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Black Forest...

Downtown Stuttgart in the distance...

Stuttgart Sports Complex. Every field and track you can imagine, all in once place! It's huge!

After spending the day embracing all things German, I decided to try my hand, once again, with authentic German cuisine.  On the menu?  Grilled bratworsts, linked sausages, a different type of spaetzle (Swabian pasta- see previous post) with brown pepper sauce (Germans love their sauces!)

German Dinner 🙂

Well that’s about it for now- are you salivating yet?!  Ha!  We’re northbound this morning to country’s capital, Berlin.  Should be a lovely, long (BAZINGA!) holiday weekend exploring another new place!  I, for one, can’t wait!  Hope everyone has a fun- and safe- Labor Day weekend!  A quick shout out to my cousin, Andrew, and his awesome fiance, Sheena, as they get hitched on Sunday- wish we could be there in the North Carolina mountains to help you celebrate!


2 Responses to “Week in Review”

  1. christina September 3, 2010 at 4:43 PM #

    love your meal!! thanks for the shout out 🙂
    ok so this pepper sauce…what is in it? it looks so gooooooood. i love my sauces too!

    • Erin T. September 3, 2010 at 10:56 PM #

      Thanks, girlie! I’m having a blast learning to cook all these heavy dishes the HEALTHY way! Ha! The pepper sauce was a trial and error, shot-in-the-dark that ended up delish! Sauteed tiny onions in PAM (their burnt bits contributed to the brown color), whole peppercorns, various spices, skim milk, little whole wheat flour…Played around til I got the right consistency! 🙂 If you ever try the chicken- let me know if you find a way to get it really CRISPY- mine was good, but not as ‘fried’ as I would’ve liked!

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