Shalom from Tel Aviv!

14 Sep

Sorry for the delay, but I just wanted to let y’all know that I made it safely to Tel Aviv!  Because of the religious days of rest, flights only arrive VERY late on Sunday nights (by the time I landed and got through Customs, it was nearly 4a!)…

Arriving in Tel Aviv...Looks just like any HUGE city!

Day 1 was PERFECT.  For starters, I’d slept with the window open, so from the moment I opened my eyes, I could see the SUNSHINE flooding into the room, not to mention the feel of WARM sea breeze blowing through!  AHHHH…Just what I needed, especially after being sick for most of last week!

View from my window 🙂 And yep, that's the ocean in the distance...

We spent the morning at the beach.  It’s always neat to me how beaches vary from place to place.  Case in point, here, obviously there’s alot of sand long before you ever get near the ocean.  The term, ‘dunes,’ also takes on a whole new (bigger!) meaning here! Ha!  The water (Mediterranean Ocean) ranges from blue to green and is only slightly cooler than bath water. 🙂

The Mediterranean...


Lunch view from our cabana 🙂

Mmmm...Hummus and Pita Bread...


After a leisurely afternoon, we headed over to the Herzilya Pituach district of Tel Aviv for dinner.

Hadn't had Japanese food in AGES!

Some of the best grilled calamari I've ever had...

Tofu and edamame salad...Sam's fav 🙂

A table FULL! And lots of stuffed (well, Chucks's is almost stuffed!) bellies 🙂

Day 1 was definitely a success!  Best part?  Being with the people I love.  Now, if only John and the pups could be here- Thomas, Party of 4 just isn’t the same with 3 of its founding members not present!  Guess I’ll just have to settle for being part of Eidson, Party of 5 this week 🙂

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