Aloha from Waikiki!

7 Feb

Woohoo, we made it!  As of late yesterday afternoon, Thomas Party of 2 is officially on Hawaiian time for the next 12 days!  Speaking of Hawaiian time, one of the down sides is the big delayed time difference, which means that the first 3 nights you’re here, you’re in bed by 9p…and awake by 3:30a :(.  Which probably explains why I’m decked out in my running gear (outdoor, oceanfront cardio is one of the best perks about this place, btw!), yet sitting on my lanai to the following ‘view’ as I write this…

Yep, it's tough to see much...Imagine how it would be trying to navigate a run! Hurry up Mr. Sun!

Oh well, the perk is that I get to fill all of you in on our first few hours in paradise last night!  Another downside of the non-stop 10 hour flight out here is that you’re absolutely STARVING by the time you get here considering your body thinks it’s bedtime and that you just skipped feeding it dinner!  (And no, not starving enough to eat airline food!)  So…Our first stop was at Hawaii’s most famous bakery, the Liliha.

Food Rule 1: The best food is ALWAYS at the hole-in-the-walls.

Food Rule 2: If possible, ALWAYS grab a stool at the bar (a la Waffle House) and watch the cooks make your food.


It’s been featured on all kinds of Food Network shows- known for 3 things: Pancakes, Sweet Bread French Toast and ‘Coco Puffs.’  Yep, we got all 3…and then some! Ha!

Known as the 'Best Pancakes of the Islands' for being so light and fluffy. Definitely lived up to the award, but nothing out of this world....

My Dinner…Best French Toast EVER!! Except for my Papa’s, but this is the closest 2nd EVER! 🙂

World Famous Coco Puff- filled with chocolate ganache and topped with a dollop of Hawaiian Chantilly Frosting. They're about the size of a big golf ball and folks generally do the 'Baker's Dozen for $5.' We liked them- definitely glad to have now tried them at least!

Next, after a quick stop at the grocery store to stock up on the essentials, we were off to our favorite resort.  Ahhh…Almost like coming home! 🙂

Only in Hawaii can you have an outdoor main lobby 🙂

Needless to say, that’s about as far as we got…Once we got to our room and unpacked, it was bedtime!  Hey, at least we made it to our goal time of 9p!  Anything earlier and you don’t even make 3a wakeup! Ha!

And with that, it’s officially light out now so we are headed out for our run.  Yep, even John’s so wide awake that he’s coming, too! (After his 4 years at the Citadel, John despises morning workouts and therefore, always saves them for afternoons!)

Happy Monday!

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