More of the same…

11 Feb

…which means a whole lotta nothin’!  That’s what was on yesterday’s agenda!  It’s vacation, right?!  OK, in my defense, it did rain most of the day and, as a result of the previous two days hikes/runs/traditional gym workouts, my legs were most definitely not cooperating (and that’s an understatement- ha!)…So I did what most anyone would do given such circumstances- I shopped, I ate, I waited on John to get ‘home’ from work (yes, he has to work a little bit while we’re here- afterall, somebody’s gotta work!), I laid on the beach during cloud breaks, and I ate some more :).

Luckily, John only worked until noon, which meant that we were able to meet at his favorite dive bar, La Mariana Sailing Club, Hawaii’s last remaining true tiki bar.  SUCH a cool place!  It’s a throwback, really, to the days of old Hawai’i- a colorful, ultra-tiki-inspired nautical nugget of a place meant for eating and drinking, and drinking some more.  🙂  I would say it’s 90% about the experience, 10% about the food, which is totally fine if you know that going into it!  Best part, it’s so far off the beaten path and a good 20 minutes out of Waikiki so there’s not a tourist in sight…except for us :).

The view from our table: Ke'ehi Lagoon and the moored boats that call this place home...

The interior- jam-packed with wood carvings, seashells, glass bubble balloonfish lanterns, assorted bamboo touches, a waterfall and more. It's a feast for the eyes!

I suppose I’ll just make this a total foodie post since we ended up at one of our favorite Waikiki restaurants for dinner, The Shore Bird.  I’m sure many of you who’ve been out here have hit up this beach front staple, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s another one that’s as much about the experience as the food.  You order your food raw, then cook it yourself with all the other diners on the big open-air grill.  That being said, they have some of the best cuts of meat, so the meal itself is always delicious, too!

View from our table just after sunset 🙂

One of the few times a year that I order red meat...and it's always delish! We also do grilled pineapple, a packet of grilled onions and mushrooms, and grilled ciabatta garlic bread 🙂

The Chefs 🙂

After dinner view from our table...

Not sure yet what the weekend has in store for us, but we’ll definitely keep you posted!  Hope everyone has a Happy Friday!


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