Aloha from Hawaii…

15 Feb

…and not in a good way!  *Sigh*  All (well, most) good things must come to an end.  Yep, today’s our last (partial) day in paradise- for now!- as our flight leaves this afternoon, which means that we’ll be back in the good ‘ol Lowcountry by lunchtime tomorrow (all flights to the mainland are overnights).  So how did we spend our Hawaiian Valentine’s Day?  You guessed it, mostly doing a whole lotta nothin’! 🙂

John worked until noonish, so after a sunrise run, I spent the morning alternating between the pool and the beach, then headed to a solo lunch overlooking ‘the Strip.’  John surprised me, not just be showing up to have lunch with me, but by showing up bearing gifts!

Happy Love Day...Hawaiian Style 🙂 Yep, that's how leis come before you put them around your neck! This is a special one in that it's fragrant. It smelled HEAVENLY.

My second Valentine's lei 'just in case the first one didn't last and because it was the second prettiest' 🙂 I have the BEST husband.

Then we spent the afternoon combining fun with good deeds.  For fun, we explored China Town for the first time…

Heading into the Marketplace...with my lei 🙂

A friend we made at the hotel had told us about this 'staple Asian dessert,' so when we stumbled onto the restaurant, we had to try it. It's called Hula Boba. Basically, it's a creamy shaved ice underneath, topped with 'popping liquid balls' in a variety of flavors (we had strawberry and yogurt balls). Interesting, to say the least...

Now, onto the good deeds…If you’ve ever been to Honolulu,  you know that homelessness is a major problem here.  Especially in the major parks and along many of the popular sidewalks, it’s nothing to see 100 makeshift tents set up or their tenants rummaging through trash cans.  It’s heartbreaking, really.  Well, all week long we’ve wanted to do something to help, even if just a little bit.  So…Right after lunch, we stopped in McDonald’s and bought a HUGE bag of cheeseburgers.  We then proceeded to carry around that bag all afternoon and evening, handing out cheeseburgers to anyone we saw rummaging through the trash.  Honestly, I haven’t felt as good about something in a very long time.  Just seeing their smiles as they took the burgers…and looking back to see the burgers being unwrapped and genuinely enjoyed…John and I are so infinitely blessed- and lucky- in the life that we live.  This just felt GOOD.

For our holiday- and last night in paradise!- meal, we tried another new restaurant at the recommendations of several new friends, The Hau Tree Lanai, said to be the most romantic dinner on the island.  I don’t know if we’d say it was the absolute best, but it sure was fantastic…The ‘dining room’ (there’s only 14 tables!) is actually on the beach under a giant hau tree…It’s literally like a 5-star picnic on the beach!

Our dinner view...


Well there you have it…That concludes our Hawaiian Valentine’s Day (actually, it concluded in our favorite spot back at the hotel pool with malasadas, but…) and our perfect little vacation.  We hear the weather is actually spring-like at home so we’re really keeping our fingers crossed that it sticks around until we can get there!  Also, it’s Max’s (our pup, duh!) 9th birthday today, so we’ll be having a belated party later this week ;).  All things to look forward to!

Thanks for tagging along on our latest adventure.  There’s no telling where the next one may take us, but rest assured, we’ll take you along for the ride!  For now, ALOHA!


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  1. eatspinlive March 4, 2011 at 1:22 PM #

    This looks like an amazing time!! 🙂

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