*Drum Roll* We’re having a…

11 Aug

Now come on, you didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you?  Ha!  Ya’ll should know me better than that by now! Nope, before I let the cat out the bag, I wanted to give y’all just a taste- literally!- of how we told our families the good news earlier today! Well, we wanted a fun, unique way to share our excitement, so I started racking my brain- and doing a bit of online researching- and came up with the perfect way, especially for foodies like us!  We baked cupcakes!  But not just any cupcakes…SURPRISE CUPCAKES! So, we found lots of blogs that said, ‘Oh, just bake pink or blue cakes…’ or ‘Decorate a cake with pink or blue icing and sprinkles…’ Except, where’s the fun in that?!  We wanted our families to have that unbelievable sense of ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to find out!’ just like we’d had in that ultrasound office this morning.  (Although in all honesty, we had about 23049823 seconds of anticipation since it took about that long for Baby T to quit straddling the umbilical cord and show us the goods!) Anyway, so we took it a step further and baked plain ‘ol white cupcakes… with surprise centers.  Iced in delicious- and white!- cream cheese frosting, they looked just like your average lunchtime treat!

Getting ready to be popped in the oven. Yep, we actually baked both colors ahead of time so we'd have them ready to share as soon as we found out! We're nerds. Don't judge. 🙂

Iced and ready for the party! (The two non-iced ones were just to help us remember which side was which 🙂 ) Coincidentally, I didn't even realize that our 3 month ultrasound was picture bombing in the background!

The whole thing kind of felt like Groundhog Day, actually.  As everyone was biting into their sweet midday mouthfuls of deliciousness, it was just like that moment every February when, for those couple of seconds, you’re waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.  Except this time, no one was secretly praying for a specific outcome!  Oh, and before I forget…We’ve hated not being able to share all of this fun stuff with John’s family in person since they live so far away- we’ve had to rely on snail mail and phone calls mostly.  But this time, we were so fortunate that two of our Maysville, KY, friends- Chris and Khrysten (and their new baby girl, born earlier this week!)- so graciously agreed to bake some surprise cupcakes for us and hand deliver them to John’s parents so they could experience the rush just like the rest of us!  How awesome is that?!   Their generosity really and truly warmed our hearts and we just can’t thank them enough.  Anyway, I digress…

The moment of truth...

So, what was the verdict?  That they were some of my best-tasting cupcakes EVER and impeccably decorated!  Ha!  No, seriously…

WE’RE HAVING A BOY!  We really couldn’t be more excited and we’re so ready to start getting things in order!  You know us, a borderline-neurotic and an engineer- we’re planners, folks! 🙂  We’ve got so many ideas just about ready to go, including names (we’ve narrowed it down to 3!) and nurseries (it’s already decided)- but I’ll save all of that for another post!  Words just can’t describe all that we’re feeling today.

Posing with one of his first gifts, a handmade pewter spoon- topped with a baby chick- from my Aunt Julia in Anderson, SC. It arrived yesterday- the perfect 'mini surprise'- just in time for today's big surprise 🙂

Baby T's first gift- a delicate vintage shirt and a framed baby picture of my dad...It arrived, also from my Aunt Julia, just two days after we found out we were expecting. Nothing could've meant more...And they've been on the dresser in the nursery ever since...

And just to recap since our last chat, our summer has been quite good.  Our mini-vacation with my folks to Myrtle Beach was fabulous- sun, sand, waves, putt-putt, beach food…Yep, just what we’d hoped for.  We’ve been boating a good bit on the weekends, which is always perfect in our books!  A few weeks ago, we even hit up Aquapalooza, which is the largest WORLDWIDE boating event.  This year, it was on the Cooper River with Wilco and the Blue Dogs playing on a barge off Daniel Island.  Good times.

What better way to enjoy a day with a few thousand of your closest boating friends than floating behind the boat with your favorite pups and a nice cold one? 🙂

As for me, I’m FINALLY starting to feel a bit better (knock LOUDLY on wood!)…Nausea comes and goes, but seems to be getting less frequent.  Food aversions (and carb preferences!) seem to change weekly, if not daily.  My skin isn’t cooperating the way I’d like for it to and my tatas are still the size of what feels like watermelons, but what’s a preggo girl to do, right?  *Sigh*  Body issues are still in full swing, although knowing myself, I realize that I oughtta just settle in with those for now.  🙂  In the meantime, I’m doing all I can to make the most of this awesome experience- resting when I can, propping my feet up when they get swollen (yep, that’s already happening), walking my nightly 3, sometimes 4, miles with my mom, and enjoying as much time as I can with my husband and our family and friends…

Weekly date nights with our best friends...What better way to celebrate our last night of 'not knowing,' right?!

So there you have it- all that’s going on in our little neck of the woods.  John’s heading to Rome, Italy, tomorrow for a week, then onto Hawaii for the next month or so…Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!  Fortunately, I’ll be heading out to join him for a while next month, so we’re pretty excited. 🙂  Gosh, by the time I start posting from the Pacific, I’ll be starting to verge onto ginormous territory!  Oh, and before I forget.  Our ‘Couple’s Baby-Que’ is going to be Saturday, October 1, so please save the date- invitations to follow!

Sorry, I'm definitely not one to take pictures of myself when it comes to this stuff, but since I don't get to see so many of you during this journey, here's the best I can do! 15 weeks 🙂

4 Responses to “*Drum Roll* We’re having a…”

  1. Debbie Barbaree August 11, 2011 at 10:24 PM #

    We are so VERY HAPPY for you!!! I always said I would take 10 boys over 1 girl any day! Girls are fun to dress for awhile, but they quickly become “bossy, opinionated, moody, hold a grudge forever”, etc! Boys are sweet, even-tempered, go with the flow of things, and LOVE their Mommies! Erin, you will be one of the best Mom’s I know – I have never met John, but if you married him, he must be wonderfu! Take care of yourself and enjoy all of these moments – there is nothing like having “the first baby” ! Be sure to count me in on the baby shower if you have space! Debbie :-)!!!

    • Erin T. August 12, 2011 at 3:09 AM #

      Thank you SO much, Debbie, for such a sweet note. It really means the world. Having a boy is a whole new- and yes, kind of terrifying!- world for me, so hearing such words of encouragement is just fantastic. And OF COURSE we look so forward to seeing you and Jim for the shower! Thanks again, really.

  2. Lea August 11, 2011 at 8:26 PM #

    HOW EXCITING!! I loved your creative way of spilling the beans; job well done! I hope to see that baby belly before it’s too late. Please keep “us” informed of all your wonderful news!!

    • Erin T. August 12, 2011 at 3:05 AM #

      Thanks, Lea! Our parents loved it for sure! Really hope you, Tony and Lakely can make it down for the party in October! We miss you guys!

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