Aloha, Y’all!

7 Sep

Well, we made it to paradise…Hawaiian Vacation 2011 has officially commenced!  OK, technically it’s ‘Part 2’ since John and I were just here in February, but you know what I mean!  And yep, it’s just as fabulous as always. 🙂

The flight went really smoothly.  And that’s an understatement.  If you’ve ever done any of these long flights, then you know what I’m talking about when I say ‘seat lottery…’  Well, boys and girls, we won that one yesterday!  We happened to be sitting next to two of the only empty seats on the entire jumbo plane…And we snagged ’em!  Ahhh, a full 10 hours (yes, it even took a little longer than usual because we apparently had to fly around the tropical storm) of 5 seats between the 3 of us…I could get spoiled!  By the time we were within 500 miles of the islands, I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  For some reason, I’d missed my JT so much this go around and just the thought of seeing his beautiful face in mere hours was enough to make me giddy…and checking my watch every 21 minutes.  🙂  I guess Baby T shared in my excitement, though, because I finally felt him moving all around approximately 35,000 miles above the Pacific Ocean!  Such a neat sensation…And not to fast forward too much into the story, but hours later, once we were settled into the hotel and relaxing for a second before dinner, he gave one more swift ‘kick’ so his dad could feel his excitement, too.  You should’ve seen John’s face light up 🙂

Reunited 🙂 At Kona for dinner...

Sunset over the marina, from our table...

Amazingly, we all slept pretty well…Remember last time when I was writing my first blog of the trip at 3a waiting for it to be light enough to go for a run?  No, none of us made it until daybreak this time either, but we at least made until 5a, which is a heckofalot better, wouldn’t you say?  Well, Dad actually only made it to 3a, but that’s because he only sleeps 6 hours tops under the best of circumstances.  (I don’t know how he does it either!)  I don’t think he was too disappointed, though- it just meant more time on the balcony watching Waikiki wake up…and Fox News 🙂  By 5:45a, Mom and I were back to our normal routine of power walking our asses off, which let me tell you, SURE beats any scenery we’ve got in the ‘Ville! Ha!

(Almost) Sunrise over Diamond Head, from our early morning walk...

Unfortunately, the whole reason we’re out here is because my JT is working…which meant that today, being a regular ‘ol Tuesday, was no exception.  As he headed out the door for the Base, Mom, Dad and I grabbed the car and started our first day’s adventure: circumventing the island and exploring the North Shore, our absolute favorite part of the island.

We started in Waikiki (beachfront Honolulu) and headed east, following the coastline until we ended up back in Waikiki. With stops, it's a pretty full, solid day trip 🙂

Since I already did alot of this history lesson during my last Hawaiian adventure this past February, I won’t get into too much of it again this go around…I’ll just provide the eye candy 🙂

Stopping roadside to the see the Blowhole...

Two seconds from a rogue Chinaman Hat's wave attacking us...Ha!

What morning would be complete without a midmorning Hawaiian snack?  You know what I’m talking about…MALASADAS!  I was so thrilled to finally get to introduce these pillowy puffs of carb deliciousness to my folks!  For any newbies to the blog, you’ll have to go back and look at my numerous posts about these from previous trips out here because if I get started on them now, it’s bound to be a doozie!  A pregnant lady within mere miles of her favorite sinful vice on the planet for more than a week…Jeez!

Agnes' Bake Shop's malasadas, currently voted Hawaii's best...(Although I have to disagree and still go with Leonard's Malasadas...Mom and Dad can help be the judges later in the week!)

Wipe your lip…Back to the tour 🙂

There's something about the rugged cliffs that just disappear into the ocean here...I love them.

If you look back at the map above, at this point in the drive, we’re rounding the northeast point of the island and exploring the North Shore, home of some of my favorite stops- Turtle Beach, Waimea Bay, Haleiwa (the town where JT and I would live should we ever move out here for John’s work…)  There’s just something so peaceful about this part of the island.  ‘Rural’ isn’t the right word, but maybe ‘unindustrialized?’  Life is slower, the people are less hurried, the scenery rocks your socks off…

Turtle Beach...Can you spot the Hunu (Hawaiian Green Turtles)? So many that you can't tell them from the rocks! (BTW, the majority of dark 'spots' in the water are Hunu.' AWESOME.)

Hunu playing 🙂

Waimea, or ‘reddish water,’ is the first place on Oahu where contact was made between foreigners and Hawaiians. After Captain Cook was killed at Kealakekua Bay in 1779, his two ships anchored here for water on their way to Kauai. Cook’s officers described the bay as ‘picturesque, beautiful, well-cultivated, and heavily populated.’ The same description holds true today, minus the population.  That’s because a flood wiped out just about everything in 1894 and very few of the displaced residents returned.

One of my favorite sights at Waimea is the gorgeous church up on the hill overlooking the water.  So I did some digging and found that, in 1929, C.W. Winstedt won the contract to build Kamehameha Highway from Waimea to Kahuku. In 1930, he set up the Waimea Rock Quarry to produce gravel for his project, abandoning the site in 1932 after the road was completed. In 1953, the Catholic mission transformed the facility into a church, turning the machine sheds into a patio and chapel and the tall storage bin into the church tower, one of the North Shore’s most famous landmarks today.

Waimea Bay with the Catholic Church in the distance...

My favorite salad on the island...Grass Skirt Grill in Haleiwa...

So that’s it for today…Not sure what tonight has in store, but I’m sure it will be fantastic 😉  Until tomorrow…Aloha!


One Response to “Aloha, Y’all!”

  1. Amanda Clay Keller September 7, 2011 at 2:58 PM #

    Yay!! You felt kicking! That is so exciting Erin and what perfect timing! Have a wonderful time with your hubby and your family in beautiful Hawaii. I love reading your blog =)

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