Have You Ever Been to a Baby-Que?

9 Oct

If not, then you should’ve come to our’s!  This time last Saturday, we were gearing up to celebrate this little adventure with lots of our friends and family…And boy (or girl, haha- I just couldn’t help myself!), did we have fun!  When the idea of a ‘shower’ was first mentioned months ago, John and I both immediately thought ‘Hmmm, that’s going to be tough considering the fact that 1. we have tons of couple and single guy friends, 2. John is definitely half of this whole and 3. I’m not girly in the least so the thought- and feasibility- of surrounding myself with pastel-clad girlfriends eager to measure my expanding waistline didn’t exactly leave me with the warm and fuzzies!  So in that moment, the idea of a regular ‘party-‘ a down home, laid back, finger lickin’, bring your friends BBQ- was born.  And luckily, our friends and family who would actually be throwing the ‘Baby-Que’ were totally on board! Definitely a collaborative effort, the day was PERFECT and we can’t thank Sam, Kristin, and my parents enough!

The weather was 70F and not a cloud in the sky! Perfect for a Baby-Que at the Miler Country Club Pavilion in Summerville, SC

The entryway table...My mom got us the most gorgeous, funky flowers in the middle :). On the left, we had everyone sign the picture matte as our 'guest book-' right now, it's holding pictures of Neve's nursery, but it will ultimately have our 'preggo family portrait' to go in the nursery. On the right is one of three 'games' we had- guess the number of items in the bottle. And in the background, you can see 'game' #2, the design-your-own-onesie' station 🙂

Working at the Onesie Station

Guests starting to arrive 🙂

Gorgeous day on the golf course...And you can see our fun 'Charlie Brown FALLtrees' centerpieces 🙂

That's my grandmother, second from right, talking to my Aunt Julia...

The fun, topsy-turvy cake matched Neve's 'Woodland Wonderland' nursery...complete with birch trees, a bird and a nest with feathers and branches 🙂

John's brother, Mark, and his wife, Bethany...

Two of our best friends, Kristin and Chas...Setting up the flatscreen so no football would be missed 😉

Gift time...which, of course, meant lots 'o pink! 🙂 Btw, this is our only picture together from the entire day! We were busy! Ha!

John with his gift from me, his own DAD diaper bag 🙂


‘Uncle’ Andy and his folks, chatting with my Dad…

The Onesie Station in full effect!

No party is complete without at least one self-portrait! With my best friend, Sam 🙂

Getting ready to open that cooker and eat some pig! It should be noted that, when my parents handle the food, it's always the BEST part of any shindig. Simple fact, folks 🙂

My childhood friends, Katey and Kim, with their little ones...Lifelong friendships are the best...

And who says the fun has to stop just because the party’s over?  Not us!  We took the opportunity to get in some pics that we hadn’t had the time to earlier in the day! 🙂

Determined to feel Neve move :)...But she usually doesn't 'wake up' until about 9p...and today was no exception!

Happy 🙂

Well there you have it!   And for any of you old guys stuck in the ‘traditional, showers-are-for-women-only, why-did-I-have-to-come’ mindset…WAKE UP!  Times they are a’changin’ and this was one trend that John and I were excited to get on board with!  We both have equal shares in this adventure and are both as excited- and scare s*!tless!- as the other one, so of course we BOTH wanted to celebrate with OUR family and friends!  So thanks for sucking it up and coming to at least get a good meal outta the deal! 😉  And just in case it helps, we’re not totally bucking tradition…My fabulous mother-in-law is throwing me a ladies-only shower in Kentucky next month…and I’m totally pumped! 🙂  Best of all worlds and we’ll have pictures to come!

All in all, our Baby-Que was a MARVELOUS day- exactly what John and I had hoped for…Family, good friends, delicious food, great fellowship and perfect weather…Thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate this adventure with us- we are so, so blessed to have you in our lives.

Just for you belly pic mongers... (Although probably not the best picture since I'm being silly and doing my best 'barefoot and pregnant' arched back impression- Ha!) About 23 weeks 🙂

One Response to “Have You Ever Been to a Baby-Que?”

  1. Eric Kimery October 12, 2011 at 1:25 PM #

    awesome!! CONGRATS!

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