Neve’s Photo Shoot

28 Oct

Hey, y’all!  Just a quick note to share with you a bit of our fun afternoon today…Neve’s photo shoot!  Our best friends, Sam and Chuck, gave us one of the neatest gifts- a 3D ultrasound of our girl.  It’s just so amazing to me what technology is capable of these days!  We opted for an appointment late in the day as that’s when Neve’s most active- and today was no exception!  Smiling, ‘chewing,’ kicking, waving…And even at 27 weeks, she looks just like her daddy 🙂  See for yourself!

One Response to “Neve’s Photo Shoot”

  1. PJ LePine October 28, 2011 at 2:30 PM #

    She sure does look like her Daddy! It will be so interesting to look at these photos one year from now and compare her physical details and development. It is amazing how detailed technology is now. We are all excited for your family!

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