Last Road Trip as a Pregnant Lady…

29 Nov

Hey, ya’ll!  So, I’m way behind on this post considering that said road trip happened nearly a month ago, but what can I say…I’ve been a busy girl!  But I definitely couldn’t let our time in John’s hometown go unblogged- it was just too great of a time!  But before I begin, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving with family, friends and, yes, delicious food!  🙂

So, most of you know that John’s family lives in a small town, Maysville, in northern Kentucky.  It’s about an hour from Lexington, KY and 45 minutes from Cincinnatti, OH and their home overlooks the Ohio River.  It’s just gorgeous.  Seriously.  Even with all the traveling we do, I can still honestly say that this part of the country is one of the most beautiful, most peaceful- and most REAL- of just about anywhere.  Of course, Lexington is known as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’ and it doesn’t disappoint with its arena-sized ‘barns’ (I use that term so lightly it isn’t even funny!) and mile after mile of perfectly manicured pastures.  But once you travel beyond the city- through all the small towns en route to Maysville- that’s when you’re the most aware of just how special it is.  Rolling hills, untouched land for as far as you can see, mom and pop diners as you pass through ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ towns…Maybe it’s that I’m a ‘city’ girl (again, I use that term o’so lightly considering that Charleston hardly has the qualifications to make me a Carrie Bradshaw!), but I just can’t help but feel good with the change of pace.

Now, John’s family lives on a giant 150+ acre farm where they alternate what they grow.  When John was growing up, they did mostly tobacco (and he has the fondest memories of helping the hired men hang it to dry in the barns 🙂 ), but in recent years, with the over-abundance of tobacco, they’ve switched to corn.  Unfortunately, we missed the harvest, but the top of that hill was still just as beautiful- and even dotted with a few straggler trees holding onto their rainbow leaves with fierce determination :).

Heading up on the hill...

A few weeds escaped the harvest...

Most did not...You can see the cobs on the ground- they're bright red 🙂

One of the barns...

Inside the barn...Once the tobacco is harvested from the fields, it's hung from the rafters to dry out before being sent for processing...

The other barn on the hill...

John Deere Green 🙂

Looking out across the river from the top the farm...John's family lives at the bottom of the hill.

A crimson straggler 🙂

Didn’t I tell you it was a wonderful place?!  It’s really a shame that we live so far away (10 hours driving at a steady clip), or we would get to visit so much more often…John would be extra happy because then we’d get to see his ‘girl’ more regularly, too!

Remember our gorgeous Bull Terrier, Olive? She's now John's folks' pride and joy, but it doesn't mean we don't miss her!

Anyhoo, the reason for this particular trip happened to be two fold: to visit with John’s family during the holidays (something we rarely get to do because of it being my business’ busiest time of the year) and to celebrate Baby Neve with her second shower!  John’s mother, sister and sister-in-law gave me a fabulous baby shower complete with delicious finger foods, games and a roomful of ladies oohing and awwing over cute pink gifts :)!

Purple. The OTHER girly color!

John's Aunt Kathi brought the cake from Lexington...

It was delicious! Two of my favs, strawberry and marbled 🙂

The Great Grandmothers 🙂

Smelling the chocolate diapers!

Our Neve will be the most stylish girl in town 🙂

Do you know tough it is to find newborn pants?!

All in all, it was one heck of a weekend and really reminded us of just how blessed we are to bringing our Neve into such a wonderful family.  Seriously, between our two families and all of our friends, our cups runneth over… *Smiles*  As for it being my final road trip for a while, well, let’s just say that 10 hours sitting in a car isn’t ideal for being 7 months pregnant!  Sheesh!  Oh, and in baby post tradition, I will leave you with belly pic from that weekend…nearly a month ago…My, my how things are growing!

27 Weeks 🙂

2 Responses to “Last Road Trip as a Pregnant Lady…”

  1. Allison Elliott November 30, 2011 at 2:46 AM #

    You are just adorable! Wishing you much health and happiness over these next weeks as time grows nearer for baby Neve to be born. Love you two(3) :). Allison

    • Erin T. November 30, 2011 at 2:56 PM #

      You’re very sweet, Allison! Thank you! It seems that these last couple months move the slowest as we’re just so ready to meet her! Have a wonderful holiday!

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