Longest Holiday Season Of All Time. Ever.

12 Dec

It’s the holidays, y’all!  I hope everyone is having a great season!  In case you couldn’t tell from my title choice, being nearly 9 months preggo isn’t necessarily the ‘best’ for this ‘best time of the year,’ at least I don’t think so…All I can say is ‘Good Lord, time is moving slower than molasses in the Thomas household these days!’  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard many a’woman say that the last trimester is a nightmare, but once again, I have a whole new understanding- and sympathy!  Bottom line, John and I (OK, probably me a little bit more than him) are ready for Neve to get here already!

On the plus side, though, I suppose it helps in a way considering that the holidays are so busy.  Like a distraction, you know?  Granted, there ain’t much of a distraction I can think of at the moment for this ginormous belly and just how ‘over this’ I am (short of maybe an alien invasion or a piece of the sun breaking off and landing in my yard…), but surely it has to be helping to have even more to do than usual, to hear happy Christmas carols playing on repeat in every store, and to people watch at all the fun spots around town, right??

Coming to a mailbox near you...Merry Christmas from the Thomas'!

So far, I’d say that the season is going well in our neck of the woods.  We’ve been really busy, actually.  Work stuff, house stuff, baby stuff, holiday stuff…You name it, we’re on it!  On the work front, of course it’s been a little different for me than usual…Considering this is Lowcountry Pet Sitters’ CRAZY BUSY season, it’s been a challenge for me to change roles a bit to an even more ‘behind the scenes,’ but that’s OK.  I managed to get all 7 dozen homemade cookies baked and delivered to the local vets, groomers, etc. whose referrals keep us in business.  I got all 711 LPS Christmas cards addressed and mailed to our clients, and I got our LPS Christmas tree put up on Town Square for the 6th year (last year we won 1st place!)  Other than that, I’m beyond lucky to have the best team of pet sitters handling the day-to-day.  Seriously, they’re the greatest and I wish I could thank them a zillion times a day for all that they do.

If you're in Summerville, be sure to check us out on the Square- we're right across from Flowertown Players!

And in case anybody didn't know, my folks own the Child Care Center of Summerville and this is their first year on the Square, so be sure to check them out, too!

On the home front, we’ve been enjoying lots of time with family and, of course, decking our halls.  John’s grandmother, Earline, decided to spend the month of November here in Summerville at my grandmother’s house, so that was such a special treat.  It was so nice for us to walk the pups in the afternoons and be able to stop by to see ‘the Grandmas.’  🙂  And we also got to do lots of festive stuff like Thanksgiving and the James Island Christmas Lights and yep, even a Girls’ Night Out just the two of us.  🙂

On one great note, Santa Claus came early for me!  Now, I’m sure many of you know that I’m a Jeep girl through and through- I’ve had several, and with the exception of my most recent 4Runner for the last 18 months, I haven’t been without a Jeep in nearly a decade.  I’ve been lusting after the new Jeep Grand Cherokees for nearly a year now and had built my ‘perfect’ one online.  Well,  apparently my JT took my print out to the dealerships and…well…

Merry Christmas to Me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It's better than perfect!

And finally, what kind of holiday post would this be if I didn’t at least post our own gorgeous Christmas Tree?!

I guess you could say we like an 'eclectic' tree...Big, colored retro lights with the occasional blinker...Ornaments that we've collected- and made- throughout the years...No boring, stuffy tree for us! 🙂

Now, to get into some of the fun baby stuff that everyone loves to be updated on :)…We’re just about as ready as we’ll ever be in terms of preparations.  John jokes (although it’s pretty much fact) that Neve already has more clothes than he does.  Her nursery is ready and waiting.  Other than putting the finishing touches, all that’s missing is her!  We actually finished our final big project this past week- a height chart created from one of the original wooden boards used to build the barns on John’s family’s farm in Kentucky.  It was important to us to incorporate as much of ‘Dad’s home’ into Neve’s nursery as possible…

Better than we'd even hoped for...We'll measure her height on the right, then write on the birch tree. You can't really tell, but the board is actually very textured with dark greys and browns (not black, like it appears here.) And if you look closely, you can even see the three knots in the lower half of the barn board.

Hmmm…what else pregnancy-related can I say?  Well, I’ve had several folks ask me how I’m feeling about everything since my big ‘Midway Musings’ post back at the halfway mark, so I think I’ll try to write a ‘Final Countdown Contemplations’ sometime in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned; it’s sure to be loads of fun :).  So I guess I’ll just leave you this time like usual…With some belly pics. 🙂   These were taken a few weeks ago at the 30 week mark.  And yes, I really do feel like I’m about to pop.

You know what?  I actually have an even better way to wrap up this holiday post…Yep, better than belly pictures!  I’ll share with you a picture of my JT from this afternoon.  Because my belly is now too big and because my feet are usually pretty swollen to fit in many shoes other than flip flops…

Yes ladies, he's most definitely, 110%, whole-heartedly taken 🙂

2 Responses to “Longest Holiday Season Of All Time. Ever.”

  1. Amanda Keller December 12, 2011 at 10:23 PM #

    Erin! Love this blog entry! You are pretty much super woman these days with all that you’re getting accomplished! And you look just beautiful too. Neve will be here before you know it…well I say that but I totally understand that feeling of time just dragging along too! Especially those nights that I don’t even want to get up off of the couch because I’m so uncomfortable…those nights seriously drag on and on! But kudos on all you’ve accomplished…you’re going to be an amazing mommy! Oh and lastly – LOVE the car!! Your hubby needs to talk to my hubby..hint hint!! haha! Keep up the great work mamma!

    • Erin T. December 13, 2011 at 12:50 AM #

      Amanda! You are so sweet! I think of you often and wonder if you’re feeling any of the same stuff- glad (well, not really, but kinda 🙂 ) to hear that you’re at least in the same boat on some of this pregnancy stuff! I think you’re going to be one amazing mama yourself- I love the fact that we’re getting to do this together! Oh, and I’ll let John know that he did well- it seriously is the most awesome car ever :). Hang in there and enjoy your last holiday season as a couple- that’s what we’re trying to do!

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