So now that the holidays are over…

5 Jan

…Neve can feel free to grace us with her presence at any time!  In the words of Bob Barker and Rod Roddy (no, Drew Carey and his announcer guy will never be adequate replacements and therefore will never rank high enough to be included in my brain’s commentary…), ‘Neve Thomas, COME ON DOWN!’  🙂

So, Christmas was great this year.  We joked Christmas morning that it seemed to be a ‘practical Christmas…’  We all got lots of goodies that were useful…Needed…Necessary.  You know how it is- some years you get mostly sentimental things that just make you feel warm and fuzzy and other years you get the stuff you can really use.  Well, without planning it, we all seemed to end up in the latter boat this year…And we all liked it :).  John ended up with his dream backpack leaf blower, a smoker (he’s putting on his second batch of jerky this week as I type), a Keurig coffee maker…I lucked up with new sheets, tumblers and canisters for my kitchen, perfume…And even a pretty ‘Gownie’ (you can Google it) so I don’t have to wear that God-awful hospital gown while I’m at the Summerville Medical B&B!  🙂

I told you he was putting on his second batch as we speak! New Year's Day pork and turkey jerky coming up in about 7 hours...after marinating for 3 days! He did top loin beef the first go around. Wow. I'm not a huge jerky fan, but that stuff was delish. 🙂

More important than all of the above, though, was the family side of Christmas Day.  It was wonderful.  That morning, we were all so aware that it would be the last Christmas morning spent the way we’ve always spent it- small, quiet…That next year, when Neve is nearly a year old, will be a whole new world.  And we can’t wait.  By the afternoon, we had 20 of our closest friends- you know the kind of friends I’m talking about: the family that we choose for ourselves- here in our home for the loveliest of holiday celebrations.  This year, we opted for an ‘Italian Christmas,’ which meant we feasted on pastas, breads, meats, fresh veggies and the wine flowed freely (yes, except for me!)…The day was grand and we fell into bed that night (at 9+ months pregnant, yes, I literally fell into bed more exhausted than if I’d run a marathon!) thinking only how truly blessed we are.

Our Italian Dining Hall for the day...

New Year’s Eve came and went without really so much as a thought.  I suppose this is what happens when one feels like a UHaul truck- you just don’t feel like donning sequins and heading out to sip on water with a few thousand peeps you don’t know!  🙂 Oh well.  We instead took advantage of the 74F Charleston weather and spent the day with the pups at Charles Towne Landing and the night playing Call of Duty MW3, finishing just in time to catch the ball drop with Dick Clark.  Good times :).

So now…we wait.  *Sigh*  OK, a really long, drawn-out, heavy *SIGH.*  Both of us are back to the daily grind and doing our best to stay busy- otherwise, it feels a bit like watching paint dry…Most importantly, I think, is that we’re both aware that these are the last days- for a while, at least- that it’s going to be just the two of us.  And that’s definitely not a bad thing, just a different thing considering it’s been just the two of us- plus our pups- for nearly a decade…Interesting times ahead, folks.  And we’re ready.

And before I go, I’ll share one more picture with you.  Now y’all know our fascination with birds (how both of us actually dislike them, yet each room in our house has them in some shape of form…Odd, I know.  Don’t judge.)….Well, since the day I got pregnant, I’ve known I wanted Neve’s newborn picture to be taken in a ‘nest.’  I’ve searched for this ideal, lifesize nest for the last 9 (it’s actually 10, but who’s counting?) months, but…Nada.  Nothing looked like the picture I had created in my mind.  So last week, I set out to make my own- complete with twigs, moss, feathers…Now the only thing that’s missing is Neve :).  It’s funny how they say that moms-to-be often ‘nest’ right at the end.  My mom says I must’ve taken it literally.

Betsy's egg keeping the nest warm until Neve can arrive...

So that’s about it from this end, folks!  The doc says everything is going smoothly and he thinks we’re definitely within the 2 week mark.  BAZINGA!  I’m going to try to get one more quick post in over the weekend as we finally broke down and had a good friend of ours (who happens to be an amazing photographer), Whitney, take some ‘untraditional preggo pictures’ for posterity’s sake.  Yes, I’ve avoided the camera like the plague since Day 1 of this baby-baking adventure- the only pictures that exist are the belly ones that I’ve taken here and there along the way- but after hearing so many ‘You’re going to wish you had pictures to remember this time in your lives,’ we figured ‘what the hey.’  So, at 38 weeks, we spent this past Monday afternoon playing on a farm in Johns Island…and letting Whitney document it.  Let’s just hope that one shot turns out OK!  And if not, then you’ll know that’s why my next post will fast forward to Neve’s arrival- Ha! 😉

38 Weeks, taken on New Year's Eve...

Happy 2012, y’all!  It’s going to be fabulous, I just know it!

One Response to “So now that the holidays are over…”

  1. Barbara Smith January 7, 2012 at 7:47 PM #

    Can not wait to see Neve in her nest! My prayers are with you and Neve and John.
    Love you, Grandmomma

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