An Afternoon on Johns Island…

8 Jan

This is it- my last post before Miss Neve arrives!  As promised, I wanted to share with all of you some of the pictures taken from our afternoon spent on Johns Island (an awesome little rural island about 15 minutes south of Charleston for all my non-Lowcountry peeps) just last weekend.  Like I said before, so many folks kept telling me that I needed to get at least SOME pictures as we’d want to remember this time in our lives…to be able to look back and ‘remember when…’

So about a month ago, I bit the bullet and decided to give it a shot.  Our first plan actually involved two of our other favorite photographers on the planet- Allie and Levi Monday, who did our ‘A Day Downtown’ shoot for us almost a year ago ( and who happened to be in town on a quick break from their yearlong Romanian mission trip.  We were supposed to meet them in Columbia just before Christmas for a funky preggo shoot…Only God must’ve had other plans as I wound up spending the night before and the morning of in the doc office, in what turned out to be false labor :(.  So…up a creek and realizing that we may not get our last minute pictures after all, I called in a favor to an old dear friend of mine, my other favorite photographer on Earth, Whitney Neubecker (  She’s taken pictures for us for years now and her stuff is AMAZING.  But since we’re not the only ones who know how fabulous she is, she books up ages in advance, so I knew it was a total long shot asking her to squeeze us in.  But she did and she was excited about it and she helped us capture the perfect ‘maternity’ pictures.

I use quotes around ‘maternity’ because what we wanted- and thankfully, what we ended up with!- were totally out of the box, non-traditional shots.  No hands shaped like hearts on my huge belly, no cheesy studio backdrop cloths, no flowy gauze wraps around my rotund self, no ultrasound pictures, no nudity (although, yes, I did get 3 shots of my bare belly just for us to have)…You get the idea.  We just wanted some pictures of our family of four (yes, pups included, of course) in the final days before we become a family of five.  And we SO got ’em. 🙂  Here you go, taken January 2…38 weeks, 2 days.

My one cheesy, traditional the pups 🙂

Because I suppose every woman should have this 'traditional' shot...

And before I go, I just want to say thanks to all of you who have come along with us on this latest journey into unchartered territory.  There’s no doubt that it’s been one of the most eye-opening, challenging and awe-inspiring so far…and from what we hear, that’s not likely to change any time soon :).  Your support, love and friendship has meant the world to us.  And that’s not likely to change either.  So for the last time as ‘Thomas, Party of 4…’  Thank you.  Really.

One Response to “An Afternoon on Johns Island…”

  1. Paulette LePine January 10, 2012 at 2:02 AM #

    Very nice Erin and John. The “Eviction Notice” is cute! We are truly looking forward to Neve’s arrival when the time is right. Glenn and PJ

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