Miss Neve is Here! BAZINGA!

21 Jan

Well hey, y’all!  Ah, my first post as a mom…WOW!  Still haven’t wrapped my brain around that one, but I’m definitely liking the sound of it so far!  NEVE IS HERE!  Did we ever think it would happen??  I was convinced there at the end that I was going to be the first permanently pregnant gal on the planet…Ha!  And believe me, I’ve been dying to get on here to share the beginnings of this latest adventure, but extra time has just been at such a premium these last 9 days.  And again, WOW…It’s already been 9 days since Miss Neve made her debut into our lives.  And as a good friend put it to me: 9 days since two parents were also born.  🙂

Anyhoo, I don’t even know where to begin…There’s so much swirling around in this head of mine!  For starters, I just have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has shown us so much support and friendship and overwhelming love in the last week.  The calls, emails, Facebook posts, and visits have just been wonderful- and so appreciated.  If what they say is true, that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’- then I’d say that our village is actually closer to a small town.  What a great, great feeling…To say we are blessed is an understatement.

Now, since there’s no way for me to cram everything I’d like to share into one measly post, I suppose I’m going to keep it simple…We can get to the nitty gritty maybe next week.  For now, let’s just talk about Neve :).

Miss Neve

Neve Louise Thomas was born on January 12, 2012, at 3:34p, at Summerville Medical Center.  She was 6lbs 8oz (coincidentally, the exact same birth weight as her mom) and 19″ long.  She has 10 perfect (very long, like her mom) fingers, 10 perfect toes and the perfect little amount of brown hair.  She has her Dad’s wide mouth with the cutest elfish lips and her Mom’s forehead, complete with the ‘Knox furrowed brow.’  And her complexion…Oh, it’s to die for.  Friends, she’s just beautiful.

My Aunt Julia says she looks like 'a little sprite.' And remember that Knox furrowed brow? 🙂

Her birth went smoothly- no complications at all.  Both she and I did just fine from start to finish.  We had an awesome Labor and Delivery team, coincidentally complete with my childhood friend, Melissa (also my best friend, Sam’s, sister-in-law), as our nurse!  Having her there was just awesome and definitely gave a sense of familiarity on a day of LOTS of unknown.  And our doctor, Bo Reeves, was fantastic.  Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about him…

Our first family picture...

John's first picture with his daughter. Gives meaning to the word, 'beaming...'

And speaking of John…And let me preface this with an apology for getting sappy for a minute!  There is no other word to describe John in these last 9 days other than AMAZING.  I am just in awe- and humbled- of the man I married.  As a partner to me, his love, commitment and dedication is unwavering…There’s no way I can thank him enough for all that he’s done for me- and for our family- since the moment Neve arrived.  He’s done it all…And as a new dad, he’s so in love with Neve and has been, like me, since the moment we heard that first cry.  Of course, I’ve always known that he would be a wonderful father…That he’s one of the kindest, gentlest, most giving souls I’ve ever met.  But this latest adventure has just skyrocketed so far above that.  Seeing him with her is surreal.  Watching him just sit and watch her is beyond words…And not that I had any doubt, but in terms of sharing the load…Again, what an understatement.  Changing diapers, bathing, swaddling (he’s THE pro at that one, btw), getting up in the night…You name it, he’s on it in a flash- and with a smile on his face :).  It’s funny, though: both of our grandmothers have repeatedly commented how ‘odd’ it is for a Dad to willingly- and excitedly!- take such an equal and active role, to which John replies, ‘How could any Dad NOT?’  (Yes, ladies, he’s still most definitely taken 🙂 ).

One of my favorites so far…After her first bath at home…
Neve’s favorite time of the evening- right after bath and lotion time when she can watch herself in the mirror 🙂 
Our other babies, preparing to help with Neve’s lunch feeding 😉
And being otherwise engaged to avoid having to help with her dinner feeding, too!  Sure, we may have a new addition, but these two are still our ‘firstborns!’

Speaking of Dulcie and Max, they’re doing wonderfully with this latest adventure…Better than we could’ve ever hoped for!  Sure, they may see Neve as a temporary houseguest :), but all in all, they’re settling in so nicely.  Max is calm and collected, just as we’d expected.  But he’s also protective- of both Neve and of me, especially during mealtimes.  Not in an aggressive way, but just in a ‘I need to be right here just in case something goes down and I need to be the man of the house for a second’ way.  It’s so sweet how he gets right up against my leg to snooze or snuggles up to Neve if she’s within reach.  My little man :).  Dulcie was our wildcard going into this.  At just over 2 years old and with more energy than a freshly hatched flea- and not to mention the (spoiled) apple of her Daddy’s eye!- there was just no telling how she would handle sharing her people, her house, her time…with a new addition.  But low and behold, she’s put our worries to rest.  In many ways, she’s almost indifferent.  Sure, she knows Neve is here, but she’s just not too concerned with the situation.  When she does interact with her (we’re sure to regularly get down on the floor with them and Neve, or lay on the couch, etc. lots of times every single day), she’s very gentle and loving- sniffing her face, licking her hands, even bringing her toys…As I’ve always suspected: pups instinctually know these things.  They were created that way :).  Oh, and the same goes for cats…Merlin LOVES Neve.  Considering he usually spends about 90% of his time outside in our yard…Well, let’s just say that since we got home, we’re realizing we should’ve named him our ‘Shadow!’

Holding hands…
Looking out the kitchen window…
My morning work routine, with one slight adjustment 🙂 SO thankful to be self-employed, btw!
~ Love ~ at 5 Days Old…
Waving 🙂 

OK, I must stop for now…We’re definitely becoming those cliche parents…You know, the ones with the camera permanently attached to our persons ‘just in case!’  Ha!  Needless to say, we’re 9 days in and we already have a zillion pictures, so there’s no way to put them all on here, at least not in one sitting! 🙂  Fortunately, John’s family was able to make it to town to meet their first grandchild (and great grandchild!) and spend some time with us for the last few days, so I’ll save all of those shots for a post later this week, as well as our first stroller walk and our first trip to Waterfront Park downtown Charleston…Good times are being had in these parts, folks :).

But before I go, I’ll leave you with two more pictures…The end of one tradition and the start on a new one…Yep, you guessed it…One FINAL (BAZINGA!  BAZINGA!!  BAZINGA!!!) belly pic! 🙂

Walking into the hospital to have our Neve…39.5 Weeks…

And now, a new tradition we’re starting: Weekly Nests.  I’m sure many of you have seen the ‘Weekly Chair Pictures’ that everyone’s doing these days…Well, we wanted to spice things up a bit, of course ;).  We’re going to use the nest I made Neve to take a picture of her every week until her first birthday (and perhaps even after that!  Don’t judge.).  At the end of the first year, what a great 52-picture progression- with the nest used for scale!- we will have!

One Week Old…

And with that, I must go get Miss Neve ready to go spend some time with her Poppy and Goddess.  John and I are headed downtown tonight for our first solo date night :).  Wish us luck!  Talk to you again very soon!

2 Responses to “Miss Neve is Here! BAZINGA!”

  1. Jesi Freshwater January 24, 2012 at 8:02 AM #

    Oh Erin! I am so glad that you were able to make a blog so soon after her debute. I was wondering how long we would have to wait to read all about life since Neve arrived. I am so happy to know that you have had such a great and large support system. Reading about the first nine days was the best part of my day! I love the “Nest a Week” idea. What a wonderful keepsake that will be. She is so blessed to have the parents and grandparents that the Lord picked for her!! Jon sounds just like Ted when it comes to fatherhood. So glad God made him just for you, most women aren’t as lucky as us 🙂
    It is great to know that the transition has been going smoothly for all involved and for the record… I always knew it would come natural for you. You are a wonderful person with a heart of gold and have alot of love to give.
    Confession: I saved alot of these pics. I would like to have one of my “niece” to add to our family photo shelves! Not to mention some for keepsakes and for showing off 🙂

  2. Robin January 21, 2012 at 5:23 PM #

    Goddess here – what a great week it has been! Who knew being a grandparent could be this special? Looking forward to having Neve at our home for a few hours and letting new parents have a little alone time.

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