Two Weeks Already?!

27 Jan

Hey again, guys!  OK, so it’s been a week since my first Neve post (have I said how incredibly thankful I am to FINALLY be at this point in the game as opposed to her still being in my belly?!) and I just wanted to make good on the promise I left you with to round out Neve’s first days home with us.  In these 14 days, she’s already done so much it would put other tots to shame! 🙂  She’s met both sets of grandparents, both great grandmothers (what a blessed little girl to have all these grandparents in her life!), some aunts and uncles (and y’all know that we always use these terms in both the ‘traditional’ sense and in the ‘unconventional, yet often makes more sense, family we choose for ourselves’ sense), lots of friends…She’s been to her newborn AND 2-week doctor’s appointments (all is well- as of today, she’s 6lbs 14oz, 20 inches!), she’s gone out to eat, she’s run errands, she’s voted (Go Newt!)…She’s gone on stroller walks, on baby carrier walks, taken her first real bath with Mom and Dad (yay for belly buttons falling off on Day 8!) and even made her first visit to Waterfront Park where her Dad proposed to her Mom nearly 8 years ago :)…I’m tellin’ ya, this is one active chick!  And speaking of active chicks, I’m beyond thrilled to be getting back to my own active routine.  Yesterday marked my first post-baby weight workout, followed by this morning’s first post-baby real cardio workout…4 miles, albeit slower and with a bit more huffing and puffing than usual!, ain’t too shabby after a nearly 9 month break!  No worries, though- I’m being smart about things and doing my best not to rush the process :).

1 Week Old and already walking the pups through Azalea Park...Coincidentally, this was the first (and only time so far!) that Miss Neve's worn a bow. It's just not her thing 😉

Our first real outing...Sesame for lunch 🙂 Yes, I look tired (it was only 5 days after delivery!), but I was happy 🙂

6 days old...Meeting John's parents, Grand-D and Papaw...

And John's grandmother, Neve's other (Great) Grandma...

First trip downtown, to Waterfront Park...John proposed on the bench to the left 🙂

Proud Daddy sharing Neve with Grand-D, Papaw, and Aunt Bethany

I told you Max was being an excellent big brother 🙂

~ Love ~

The night the belly button fell off 🙂

First day wearing pants...because the waistband finally fits! 🙂

If you happen to be in Azalea Park around dusk on any given day, this is what you're likely to see 🙂

Or this 🙂 (That's our house in the background...)

LOVES bathtime...We knew she would- she had at least one, but often two, every single day she was in my belly! We're bath people, what can we say!

Undershirt Twins 🙂

John's folks got to join us at Oscar's for last week's Friday Night Dinner Out 🙂

So there you have it, Week 2 in the new adventures of Thomas, Party of 5!  Things really are going well- we’re all figuring it out, settling in and growing in love every single day.  We’ve been VERY fortunate that John was able to take a month off from work to be home during this awesome time- I still can’t say enough good things about him and his new role in our family…Our first ‘minor challenge’ will come a week from today- when he leaves for Italy for two weeks on work travel.  He’s already getting antsy at the thought of being away (it’s amazing how perspectives change with the addition of a little one!)…As for me, sure, I’m a bit (and yes, occasionally alot!) nervous about flying solo in momhood for the first time here on the home front, but then I just remind myself that Neve, the pups and I will be A-OK because what other option is there?! Of course we’ll be fine! 🙂  Our first family trip will come in mid-March when we head back to Hawaii- of all the times we’ve been there, this one will surely be one of the most memorable!  And since we’ll likely be headed back to Europe by late spring, we’ve already taken care of getting Neve’s passport, so we’re good to go!  It’s never too early to become a world traveler!  WOOHOO for getting this blog back to its roots as a TRAVEL blog- definitely not interested in it only being a baby blog- the world’s sure got enough of those already!  Ha!

Thanks again for the outpouring of support you’ve all shown to us since the arrival of our Neve.  It has made the start to this adventure all the sweeter.  And now that I’ve gotten a couple cliche ‘I’m a new mom, let me show you pictures of my baby since I’m sure she’s the cutest one you’ve ever seen’ posts out of the way, I think I’ll use my next one to ‘keep it real’ for y’all.  I’ve gotten plenty of questions about everything from delivery to initial thoughts on parenthood to final thoughts on pregnancy, so we can all have a little fun (and probably a few laughs!) as we delve into all that deep, nitty gritty stuff next week :)!

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