Month 2…Gone??

13 Mar

Hey, y’all!  Can you believe it?  It’s been over four weeks since my last post, which means that Neve is already two months old!  Time is flying so quickly here in the Thomas household…Although that’s not to say that some days go more quickly than others- say, the ones when John’s gone on work travel and Neve’s having a growth spurt!  Ha!

In all seriousness, though, Neve is doing wonderfully and I just wanted to take a second to share some picture proof :).   First, what can I tell you about Miss Neve…Hmmm…She is growing- and changing- so quickly that I find myself wanting to freeze time occasionally.  We found ourselves impatiently waiting on that elusive first ‘real’ smile for what felt like an eternity…knowing that it would melt our hearts for sure!  And it did. 🙂  Just in the last 10 days, she’s really started smiling, laughing and getting excited.  It’s awesome…And makes us so excited to know that it’s only going to increase!  She loves everything that lights up, blinks, glitters, etc.  Loves being outside, windows, glass doors…She prefers real music to the lullaby ‘baby’ versions and isn’t really a fan of anything that vibrates…The swing is growing on her, though only the front to back motion- not the side to side.  Still adores bathtime, both in her own tub or with us in the big soaker tub- will float there and let you pour water over her- face and all- for as long as you want to.  Lotion time afterwards?  Not so much- you’d think we were cutting her arm off just about any time she’s naked and not in the tub!  Although, I will say that she’s getting better about it, though, as we maybe she’s coming to the realization that it’s going to happen every single day of her life :).  She’s discovered the front-facing baby carrier and absolutely loves it- definitely her daily walk vehicle of choice :).  Still not a fan of the carseat, the Bumpo seat or tummy time, but again, we work on all daily…

John just got home from his second work trip since her birth…It was the Hawaii trip we were all supposed to go on, but at the last minute, the trip got moved up (to early March instead of April), so Neve and I decided that we’d just wait and go with him the next time, over the summer.  As a consolation, though, John thought it would be nice for the three of us to still have our ‘first family vacation’ as planned, so he took it upon himself to plan a quick tropical trip to a place we’ve never been- a place we could all discover it together…a real adventure.  So this time next week, we will be heading to Jamaica for a week of sun, sand, waves…and learning to vacation with a newborn 🙂  CAN. NOT. WAIT.  (One of the) best parts?  This blog will finally get back to its travel roots!  So stay tuned for updates from the Caribbean!

One month old...2-12-12

Happy Valentine's Day 🙂

Told you she loves bathtime! 🙂

Three of our four generations...5 Weeks Old...

Meeting Uncle Mark for the first time...with Aunt Bethany 🙂

With Daddy

Playtime before bedtime...

Tummy time, 6 Weeks Old...

Only Charleston could have such perfect porch weather in February...

This is deceptive...So far, she hates the Bumpo! Approximately 7 seconds after this picture, she was screaming! Ha!

First day we discovered that Neve loves the long as she's facing FORWARD! 🙂

Sister playtime 🙂

7 Weeks Old...

Napping with her brother...

Our happy girl 🙂

Quiet time daydreaming out the window...

Laughing at Poppy 🙂

8 Weeks Old...

Sending love to my JT while he's away 🙂

So there you have it, just a glimpse into our second month having this awesome little person here with us.  She really is neat and we can’t wait for all of you who haven’t met her to meet her!  You’ll surely be smitten :).  And in the meantime, here’s our latest Nest Pic, taken this past Thursday.  ‘Til next week from paradise…

Neve is 8 Weeks Old!


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