Happy May Day!

1 May

And Happy Friday! So yeah, apparently today is May 1, which is May Day, which is International Workers’ Day, which is the equivalent to our Labor Day, which means that just about everything in the city is shut down and a few little festivals and celebrations have popped up instead! Totally didn’t realize this until we got into town and everything is shuttered and dead. Initially, this really through a wrench into our day as I had mapped out (literally. I carry a now-pretty ratty, marked up paper map in my pocket any time we’re on the bike. Phone GPS would be impossible!) our route for the day and it included stops in several stores, a bakery we’ve been wanting to try, and a specialty grocery store a friend of mine found for me that is supposed to have spaghetti kurbis! So yes, I was peeved.

But then we kept riding and quickly realized that it was marvelous having the streets to ourselves! We were able to actually navigate, to see where exactly we were in relation to somewhere else, to look around at what we were passing rather than keeping eyes glued to the road afraid of crashing into somebody or something…Without all the cars and buses and horns and people franticly walking about, I was able to finally make some real headway with regards to my bike comfort zone! As the morning wore on, we did find a handful of restaurants and bakeries (bakeries and coffee shops are big business here) open. So while we had to save the original bakery we were looking for until next week, we did find one that worked out perfectly- chocolate donuts for Neve, blueberry muffin for me, a table for two outside by the fountains… IMG_3170 Next, we pulled out our trusty map and decided that we would play tourists for the day and check out some of the landmarks we’d read about- and maybe scout out some new playgrounds :). Again, being able to go at a slower pace, stop when we needed to check the map again, turn around when we turned down a one-way street…made life so much easier! By this point of the late morning, there were also a decent number of people out for fresh air just like we were, but it just didn’t have that normal crazy feel. I’ll take peaceful feel, please. K, thanks.IMG_3173 IMG_3172 Wouldn’t you know it, we found a playground first! At the very top of a big hill. Mama’s butt and hammies will be thanking her tomorrow! Hehe. Next on our list was the ‘World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock.’ Apparently, it received this award in 1946 and it’s installed in the wall of the ‘Most Photographed Store in Europe.’ What a unique distinction to have…I will say that it looks like a wonderful kitschy little store jam packed with wooden goodies- we will definitely go back after May Day. IMG_3175 Once we made it back down near the bottom of the clock hill- we were following our noses to brats cooking and our ears to live music- we found a neat little festival…and coincidentally, the most famous hot spring in Wiesbaden! Kochbrunnen, which means ‘boiling fountain,’ is 150F and moves 360 liters of water a minute. It’s a sodium chloride hot spring, which gives it a little bit of a funky smell and a very salty taste. Yes, we can confirm both. Something I thought was neat is that the water itself is very clear, but after air exposure for a while, it turns a goldy yellow. IMG_3177

Kranzplatz, sister spring a few yards from the Kochbrunnen.

Kranzplatz, sister spring a few yards from the Kochbrunnen.

Next up was the reason we’d come to the bottom of the hill in the first place- in search of another playground, of course! And it didn’t disappoint- our best yet! And what day would be complete without a bubble-blowing photo shirt? My favorite is the last one- I love the actual shot of Neve (could she be any cuter?!) and I love that she made that face when I told her I was going to send the next picture to Ms. Sue, one of her fabulous teachers. I think I started something there though, as she immediately told me that she’d need to take a picture late to send to Ms. Lori. And Ms. Debbie. And Ms. Lianne, Ms. Pam and Ms. Becky. Ha! At least I know she loves her teachers and keeps them in her heart near or far! 😉IMG_3178 IMG_3182 IMG_3183IMG_3196IMG_3190 IMG_3191 IMG_3192IMG_3188

Told ya! Isn’t it a great picture of her?! Well, the beauty of a blog post is that you can save it and come back to it later. Well, I was finishing it up- or so I thought- a few hours ago when John walked in the door from work. He was starving, Neve was starving, so out we went. LOVE being able to walk to dinner and have your choice of anything, btw! Anyhoo, really glad I waited to post because 1. I can show you what we had for dinner and 2. I got the SWEETEST text with pictures from the above-mentioned Ms. Sue. I totally got teary eyed and Neve totally ran around holding my phone with the picture screaming, ‘They just love me! They just love me!’ If I’d had my phone, I like to think I would’ve caught the moment on video. She has the some of the sweetest people in her life. We count them as such blessings.

A gourmet burger and beer joint in the heart of the Old Town! DELICIOUS! Perfect Friday night...and a little slice of home :).  Missing our usual Friday Dinner.

A gourmet burger and beer joint in the heart of the Old Town! DELICIOUS! Perfect Friday night…and a little slice of home :). Missing our usual Friday Dinner.

Ms. Debbie, Ms. Sue and the Gang at Bethany. Neve is really missing them and talks of them daily. No lie.

Ms. Debbie, Ms. Sue and the Gang at Bethany. Neve is really missing them and talks of them daily. No lie.



Aren’t those just the sweetest faces ever?! Totally made Neve’s night. So with that, I will say goodbye until Monday as we are headed out in the morning a few hours east of here, to The Walled City of Rothenburg over in Bavaria. Will head back here sometime Sunday. Have heard nothing but good things about this medieval mecca, so we’re really pumped! Hell, Neve and I are just pumped to have John home with us for a couple days! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Tschuss!

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