And so another week begins…

18 May

Hello, all! Did that weekend fly by or what? I don’t know about y’all, but we had a really good one! Like, a really good one. Didn’t go anywhere snazzy, didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy…Aren’t those usually some of the best though? Especially when you’ve been on the go for what feels like weeks on end? Yep, I think we all needed a few days ‘at home,’ together…

She saw this yellow flower and picked it for Goddess because 'Goddess loves yellow flowers!'

She saw this yellow flower and picked it for Goddess because ‘Goddess loves yellow flowers!’

The biggest yellow roses we've ever seen!

The biggest yellow roses we’ve ever seen!

We started Saturday morning- after sleeping in a tiny bit- with a walk down to the Farmers Market. Neve and I have been once or twice on Wednesdays, but never on the weekend and John had never been at all, so it was fun. Same market as during the week, but bigger. John loved having his pick of sausages and cheeses- there are tent after tent, truck after truck of these. You can take you pick of just about anything you’re craving. There are also olive trucks, seafood trucks, bakery trucks…There are a few garden and fresh flower tents…And most of all, there are produce stands. Lots and lots of them- selling the freshest, brightest assortment of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs…All grown within 100km from here and without any pesticides, GMOs, etc. Really loving Germany’s regulations with food!

Smoked Fish

Smoked Fish- John insisted I get a picture for Dad 🙂

The Farmers Market also has a couple fresh food vendors selling street foods like sausages, fries, etc. Apparently ‘currywurst’ is one of their most popular fast foods, so when I saw it on the menu, I had to try it…It’s sliced bratwurst covered in a BBQ-y ketchup and curry sauce, served alongside bread. Verdict? Glad I tried it, definitely edible, ate about 5 bites, not my thing. John loved his red sausage, for the record. Blech.

IMG_3605 IMG_3606

We spent the afternoon with my childhood friend, Alexia, her husband, Tobi, and their 1-year-old, Johanna. So, Alexia and I went to elementary school- 1st-4th grades- together at Pinewood many moons ago. We were swell friends. Some of my favorite memories with Alexia are of us trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. I lived in town, so we didn’t have many good places to traipse around in costumes, so Alexia was always so sweet to invite me to tag along with her…Over the years, we’ve kept in touch sporadically through mutual friends, bumping into each other, Facebook. She went to Clemson, which is actually where she met her future-husband, Tobias, who was studying electrical engineering (yep, just like my JT!) from Germany! They now live about 2 hours away from here, near Bamburg. What a small world, right?! It was so great to reconnect, to meet her husband, to introduce our daughters…Nearly 25 years later! A terrific afternoon, despite the surprise crummy weather!

Neve and Johanna

Neve and Johanna

Almost 25 years later :)

Almost 25 years later 🙂

Yesterday, Sunday, was a perfect day all around and here’s why. We woke up after 8a (BAZINGA!) to the sun shining and the birds chirping. Yep, call me cliche, I don’t care. We ate breakfast in our PJs. We baked a cake- a Tres Leches, my ALL TIME favorite cake- to take with us later to Mexican Night (more on that in a sec). I took a bath solo with the door closed (WHAT WHAT?!).


Then we headed to a Food Truck Competition we’d heard about from a new friend I made last week by chance sitting at a cafe. Go figure. So glad she told me about it, though, because it was AWESOME. Even John said it was the best food we’ve had since we got here! Ha! Just over the river toward Mainz…Apparently, food trucks are just starting to catch on here and are still only mostly found in Berlin and Cologne, so it was quite the big deal that they were doing a festival for them here. We didn’t know what to expect, but it definitely exceeded out expectations. Half actual trucks, half tents…Lots of vegetarian, vegan, organic…No fair food, no greasy spoons, no fried butter or deep dish funnel cakes. Think medium rare aged steaks, gourmet burgers, tacos, pho, hand made marshmallows…And the weather…Ah, the weather.



Best item we tried. Organic Ramen 'Burger' with Vegan Kimchi...

Best item we tried. Organic Ramen ‘Burger’ with Vegan Kimchi…




We got home just in time for Miss Thang to take a quick snooze, then headed over to some new friends’ house for dinner. John had met Shane last year when he started coming over here regularly for work, but has really grown to consider him a friend since we’ve been here this last month. His wife, Heather, is in the military and happens to be working in the same office, so we’ve gotten to know both of them and have been so thankful for their help and support since we arrived. They have a great story of ‘yours, mine and ours’ in that he has a daughter who lives here, she has two children who live with them, and together they have a precious, cuteness overload baby, Jack. Oh, if only their time here wasn’t coming to an end next month! Having them here as friends would’ve been such a plus for us when deciding whether or not to make this a more longterm thing! They’re headed back to the States to start their next chapter, though, so we’re really excited for them. 🙂

Anyhoo, we spent the evening in their home dining on tacos, nachos and guac…Enjoying grown-up conversation while the kids played. Neve was in HEAVEN having their 5-year-old, Aubrey, to entertain her. Not to mention all of her new-to-Neve toys! She even came home with a new Belle dress that Aubrey was nice enough to pass down. She hasn’t taken it off yet ❤


And I can’t sign off without sending a whole lotta birthday love to one special Goddess back in South Carolina. We love you tons, miss you terribly and hope that you have the most fabulous day filled with cake, balloons, smiles, hugs and more CAKE! XOXOXOXO MUAH!


2 Responses to “And so another week begins…”

  1. Robin May 18, 2015 at 1:55 PM #

    So nice to wake up to a new post from Germany with birthday wishes from you guys. Sounds like a perfect weekend for the 3 of you. Neve is precious in her new princess dress with her Happy Birthday sign. You will be missed at dinner tonight but I know you will be here in spirit. You are missed every day but especially at celebrations as I know how much you love them.

  2. Eleanor May 18, 2015 at 12:52 PM #

    What a wonderful weekend. Love all of the pictures. The picture of Neve in her Belle dress is priceless. Just what your Mom needs. Hope your week goes well. Love you.

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