Week in Review

4 Jun

Another Thursday means it’s time for another quick peek into what we’ve been up to this week. And when I say quick, I truly mean it this time because it’s already 9p here and I’m about to drop after a long day of packing up this apartment, playground hopping, moving to the new apartment (try moving 7 weeks worth of crap into the Old Town pedestrian area of a crowded city- it ain’t graceful), and then packing to head to Switzerland tomorrow for the weekend. Phew. Just talking about it makes me more tired! Ha!

Neve and I were pretty well rained in for the early part of the week, so with the exception of a grocery run (they always take forever because you have to Google everything), we spent our time doing some art projects, playing some games, building some forts and watching Happy Feet, her newest fav, a few dozen times. All in our jammies. It wasn’t half bad.




Yesterday, the sunshine finally made an appearance and brought with it some warmer air, so we made full use of our bike and our walking legs. After we did the Farmers Market and stopped by the crepe stand for lunch (and watched a peaceful protest of some kind), the highlight was our ride on the Thermine, Wiesbaden’s local ‘train’ that goes all around the city showing you the highlights and telling you about what you’re seeing- even the Prime Minister’s house and she happens to be in town right now! (We were the only English-speakers, but at least they had a printed copy for us to follow along 🙂 ) It was good getting to see parts that we hadn’t found yet. Neve loved the ride- complete with occasional choo-choos and a conductor who smoked a pipe. She thought he was swell- even gave her a balloon.

thumb_IMG_4150_1024 thumb_IMG_4151_1024


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Today was another gorgeous day- I’m even tempted to use the word hot- so in between packing, we ran a few errands and ended up running into Daddy for lunch. Always a treat. And while we were on that base, we figured we’d check out the playground in their newest housing area. SO NICE.

thumb_IMG_4178_1024 thumb_IMG_4179_1024 thumb_IMG_4181_1024 thumb_IMG_4183_1024 thumb_IMG_4184_1024


We had awesome luck this week on making a few friends here and there, too. Luckily, Neve isn’t shy whatsoever when it comes to other children. She has no problem walking up to a group- younger or older, small group or large- and just starting to play. I’ll admit, there have been times over these last two months where I’ve had to reign in my mama genes here. Knowing she can’t communicate with them, knowing that they don’t understand why, sometimes even watching as they play around her instead of with her…But she’s a trooper and she’s handled it all with such grace, never being deterred or intimidated. For the most part, we’ve had great experiences, both with German kids and Americans when we run into them. This week, we had three separate impromptu playdates!


thumb_IMG_4167_1024 thumb_IMG_4176_1024 And since this was our last week of having a decently stocked kitchen (we’ve been trying to use things up, not buy more, not take more to the new apartment than necessary, etc.), I decided to test out a few more German recipes. And even had a Germany-meets-South Carolina night by using one of John’s favorite sausages in Perlou 🙂 Yes, John is in culinary Heaven here. He’s in for a rude awakening in about 10 days…

Not to toot my own horn, but that German Potato Salad was beyond fantastic. And those are two types of sausages, believe it or not...

Not to toot my own horn, but that German Potato Salad was beyond fantastic. And those are two types of sausages, believe it or not…


My first attempt at Flammkuchen (the light pizza with quark, speck and onions I wrote about last week) was pretty darn tasty!

My first attempt at Flammkuchen (the light pizza with quark, speck and onions I wrote about last week) was pretty darn tasty!

Well, that’s a wrap! John’s working a half day tomorrow, so we’re hoping to get out of town around lunch time, which should put us to Engelberg, Switzerland- smack dab in the middle of the Alps in the middle of the country, a bit south of Lucerne- sometime around 6ish. The drive down is one of our favorites- through Germany’s Black Forest, then through the mountainous, crystal-clear-lake-filled wonderland that is Switzerland. It is truly the most beautiful country you’ll ever see. Neve is beyond excited to see snow and ice caves, a la Frozen and now, Happy Feet. As cheesy as it sounds, the part that John and I are most looking forward to about the whole weekend is seeing Neve see it all. It’s kind of like Christmas morning, watching her come down the stairs…Should have lots of great pictures for you on Monday!


2 Responses to “Week in Review”

  1. Robin June 5, 2015 at 4:35 AM #

    I love that drive through Switzerland – I’m really envious of your coming weekend. So glad you decided to make this trip for Neve. She will absolutely love it.

  2. Eleanor June 4, 2015 at 11:40 PM #

    have a great time in Switzerland….. Neve will love it. Happy she met some play mates. Enjoy each day. Great pictures! Love you.

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