We made it!

16 Jun

Hello from the South Carolina Lowcountry! We made it! So sorry it’s taken me longer than I’d planned to post this little update, but the weekend got away from me between enjoying our family, enjoying our sweet pups, enjoying our house…


Saturday in her own backyard…Someone’s not glad to be home or anything!

Oh, and dealing with the damn jet lag again! Luckily, like I said in one of my first posts from Germany, coming this direction is always easier on me, and it’s holding true- knock on wood! I’d much rather wake up early than not be able to fall asleep for hours. We can always force ourselves to stay awake later to help nudge that natural alarm clock. 🙂 John’s and my body seem to be on identical schedules, too, as we’ve awakened within 10 minutes of each other every morning since we got home- 445a, then 530a, then 650a today! Woohoo! Neve hasn’t missed a single beat. Seriously, she went to bed at 9p the night we got home, got up at 730a the next morning, took her regular nap that afternoon…To be a kid again.


Friday was a long day for sure. John’s flight left an hour before ours, which meant that we had to get to the airport way earlier than we would’ve normally (745a), which made for lots of sitting around before we even got on the plane. Then, we had a one hour delay on the runway that put us arriving in Newark just 40 min before our next flight. Not fun. At all. Remember in a previous post when I said how much I loathed Newark? Yeah, well, just consider that written in stone. Their whole Customs operation is absurd. You get off the plane, go through Customs with your passports (after standing in line for 20 minutes), then you have to go to regular Baggage Claim and get your bags once they pop up on the conveyor belt. Then you get back in another line at least 3 miles long to then go through Customs a second time, now with your passports AND bags. Recheck your bags, catch the train over to your next concourse and seriously hoof it to your gate. Seriously?! Neve was such a trooper- she helped push our carry on so I could manage the two HUMONGOUS suitcases until we could get them rechecked, then she ran her little heart out with me as we did our best to make it to our gate in time. By the time we got there, we looked like sweaty, huffing and puffing rats. And the door was closed. Poor gate check-in girl. She didn’t know what was coming when she told me that they’d already detached the walkway and that I’d need to consult customer service to book a new flight. Yeah….Riiiiight. Long story short: the walkway was reattached, the plane door was reopened and I waved like a freakin’ beauty queen as Neve and I made our way down the aisle to our seats. The air was thick with stuffy plane smell- and contempt. Needless to say, I made ZERO friends in Newark that day. Shoot.


My sweaty rat, finally on our last leg HOME!

Sixteen hours after we started, we were finally back in Charleston. My parents were there to pick us up, so the taxi ride in off the runway was seriously one of the longest in history. John arrived an hour ahead of us, so he was waiting with them, too. Reunions are so grand. This one was no exception. Oh, how I missed them…How Neve missed them.

And just to prove what an awesome family we have…They threw us a little ‘Welcome Home’ family celebration in their backyard Saturday night. It was perfect and included just about everything we’d been missing in Germany- those we love the most, great conversation, sitting around a patio in the summertime, laughter, a blow up pool for the kids, yummy REAL desserts…and deep dish pizza, my request. 🙂



thumb_IMG_4457_1024 thumb_IMG_4458_1024


Other than that, we’ve just been enjoying being home. We’ve had leisurely mornings, strolls in the park, trips to the grocery store (once at 930p! Gasp!)…


Oh, and even a date night- our first in over two months. 🙂 We purposely chose to sit facing away from the harbor, and toward our city bathed in sunset. OUR city. It’s a sight that will never, ever get old. HOME.


And don’t worry- I haven’t forgotten about my ‘Which Place Did You Like the Best?’ post. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “We made it!”

  1. Georgia June 30, 2015 at 1:28 AM #

    Welcome home

  2. Robin June 17, 2015 at 3:47 AM #

    All is right in our world again! WELCOME HOME.

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