Rothenburg, Round 2

11 Dec

Happy Weekend! Fridays are always my favorite day of the week, even moreso than the actual weekend- I guess because you get to anticipate having the next few days to do your own thing. Catching up on sleep, staying in your jammies a little longer in the mornings, actually cooking breakfast, spending time together, traveling a bit…So yeah, I’m pretty pumped that it’s the weekend!


Last weekend, Mom and Grandma decided they wanted to head to medieval Rothenburg, about an hour and a half away. (Dad has gone back to the States for a few weeks to take care of a few things on the home front, but will be back before Christmas.) You may remember that we visited this awesome little village spring- in fact, it was our first trip after we arrived in Wiesbaden. I won’t go into all the details and the history again, but be sure to read my post all about it here because it really does have a great story! It’s literally everything good you picture when you think of Germany- cobblestones, old timbered building, church bells ringing, meandering alleyways, the best and brightest window boxes you’ve ever seen (how is that even possible in this frigid weather?!)…And getting to see it all dressed up for Christmas was just beautiful. Definitely a perfect way to spend a Sunday!


Is this not the best entrance to a city? And no cars allowed other than the few residents.



The alter of the Franciscan Cathedral





The Christmas Markets




Inside the Christmas Museum…


Looking out from the city wall



Love getting to have lunch and explore cities with these two!


And this one, too! 🙂 I think this picture makes her look so grown up. No!!!!!



We had such a fun day in Rothenburg, not to mention that being in Stuttgart this go around puts us so much closer, making for an easy peasy day trip! Only thing on the agenda for this weekend is meeting up with friends for some ice skating and gluweining at our own winter markets tomorrow and maybe some holiday baking. Have I mentioned that Thomas, Party of 5 LOVES us some holidays?! Yeah, maybe just a bit. ❤


Looking back at the city over the medieval bridge…

One Response to “Rothenburg, Round 2”

  1. Eleanor December 12, 2015 at 1:37 PM #

    Love the pictures, but Neve looks too grown up! Yes, the one with the blue sweater makes her look much older. How fun to share your adventures with Your Mom and Grandmother.

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