Finally Friday!

11 Mar

Happy Weekend, y’all! Not a whole lot to report, but I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in a little while and wanted to say a quick hello! Bear with me as I go through some totally random, unrelated snippets and pictures 😉


How grown up is our baby getting?! 

So, I made a goal for myself for 2016 to try something new and/or do something that scares me every week. Proud to report that it’s going well and that this week, I did both! Y’all may or may not know that I’ve been into yoga for some time. Before we left Charleston, I was practicing in Mt. Pleasant upwards of 4 times a week and loving every minute of it! Well, I finally found a studio here and got up the nerve to check it out. (Yes, I was fretting about how I’d get to it, whether it would be in German, what the people would be like…) And most importantly, I was stoked to officially try Bikram yoga! I’ve done Bikram-type classes in the past, but never gone to one of their studios- mainly because I’m such a big fan of Ashtanga, I’ve always figured, ‘why fix something that ain’t broke?’ Well, I’m definitely glad I gave it a whirl. I LOVED the constant 110F temperature of the room- it made the 90 minute workout feel exactly like it’s being in a sauna, which is right up my alley! No, I didn’t love it as much as Ashtanga, but I’ll definitely go back and welcome the variety. The thing I loved the most was actually just the vibe the studio had going- it was so hippy and crunchy and tattooed and pierced and just like HOME. Oh, it was terrific just being there. And it was taught in English 🙂


You know you’re near your people when you see a giant cabbage as the sign!


Just two train stops from the house!


Couldn’t this be Mt. Pleasant?!

I got a couple cool cards that made me smile. Always love getting mail- makes me feel like I’m not totally out of the loop! And reminds of just how well some ladies know and love me ❤

And while we’re talking about exercise, my biggest thing right now is indoor cycling. John and I bought one as our Christmas give to each other and I am in LOVE. I love everything about it- having it at my fingertips in our house, the rides themselves, blaring my music as loudly as I want…Just like the yoga, you guys may or may not know that spinning has long been my ‘drug of choice.’ At my peak, right before Neve was born, I was riding 5-6 days a week in classes at the gym. Not only did I enjoy the workouts, but I liked being part of a group all riding together. There was something about getting up at the crack of dawn and making our way into the cycle room while it was still dark out, all getting revved up together, finishing before 7a feeling like we’d climbed the biggest mountain! Well, technology has come a long way in the last few years and I’ve found an online studio out of NYC that allows me to stream the live classes right to my iPad! So anytime I’m ready to ride- which is always first thing in the morning as the sun is coming up, I just log into a class and ride along. I choose my instructor, their playlists, their ride courses…It’s so awesome! Seriously, if you’ve ever thought of taking up indoor cycling- or if you’re already an enthusiast like me- check out Peloton. Game changer. My cheerleaders and I are averaging about 100 miles a week at the moment 😉

Now, back to my other ‘something new.’ I got my first Thai massage this morning! We’ve been watching them build it right across the street from us for the last couple months, so I’ve been wanting to try it out ever since they opened about 3 weeks ago. I love massages, but I’ve never had a Thai-style. LOVE. Very different than anything I’ve had before- one large room with individual mats divided by gauze curtains, the masseuse who crawls all over you while she works out all your kinks and a cup of warm jasmine tea waiting on you at the end. It’ll be hard to ever go back to old school Swedish massages! Ha!

thai massage

And more new thing we learned this week? How to hollow eggs! Neve had to take in a few to school, so after watching some YouTube videos, we’re now pros! Ha!


Did I mention how jealous I am of all the beach/sandal/picnic pictures that have been gracing my Facebook feed this week?! Sheesh. I swear I’d cut off my pinky to be in Summerville right about now- the warm weather, the azaleas doing their glorious thing, Flowertown Festival and Easter right around the corner…Meanwhile, I’m over here like…


Do you guys ever do this? When you find a restaurant or food that you like, you eat it like 2304928 times in a row because it’s just that good? Yeah, well that’s us right now with this little Turkish restaurant called Alaturka. It’s a tiny hole in the wall place with enough seating for about 10 people. It’s nothing for the line to be out the door and to wait over an hour for it to be your turn to order. It’s THAT good. Unfortunately, they’ve held the title of best doner in all of Germany for 19 years and counting, so it’s not a well kept secret :(. They serve doner, which is a Turkish street food- meat cooked vertically on a spit and then shaved off for your to devour either on its own or in a sandwich. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of doners in general- you never know what kind of meat you’re eating (some of them don’t have to be refrigerated overnight!) and alot of times I liken them to greasy, gross steak-ums. (Remember those from the 80s?!) But this place is different. It’s 100% BEEF that they cook fresh every single day (we’ve learned the hard way that if you go late in the day, you’re gambling on whether the day’s meat has already run out!). They make their own dough, their own break and they make all the veggies to order so they’re fresh and piping hot. It’s delicious and healthy within walking distance from us, which is dangerous!


Yuksel Dogan is the owner- here he is stratifying the skewer. (Most doner shops ship these in from a distributer. And you can tell!)


The shop opened in an old vegetable market.


Good thing it’s almost time for dinner here! Ha! Tonight is actually a ‘Parents Night Out’ on base, which they do once a month so the kids can be dropped off and mom and dad can go on a date 🙂 Neve lives for these nights, so it’s win-win! Ha! But the highlight will actually come in the morning- literally! One of our best friends in the entire world arrives in the morning! Hurry up, Uncle Andy!! We can not WAIT to see your face! ❤


Thanks for sticking around for my Friday ramblings! That’s what happens when you have lots of little juicy, albeit completely random, tidbits to share! But hey, this is real life and what makes up our normal weeks. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend- and please send us some of that sunshine and warmer temps!


5 Responses to “Finally Friday!”

  1. Georgia March 12, 2016 at 3:01 AM #

    Short but really enjoyed it.

  2. Robin March 11, 2016 at 9:29 PM #

    I would kill for a doner from Alaturka right now!! One of my favorite meals while we were there. Great picture of you and Neve – new animal print hat? I’m tired from all of the exercising and massage – going to need a nap.

    • Anne Lambert March 12, 2016 at 1:56 AM #

      Take care of my boy, KNOW you will. He showed me the video of Neve over and over! He’s excited!!

      • Erin T. March 12, 2016 at 11:34 AM #

        He’s here! Safe and sound, no problems at all. We’re going to have a great time!

    • Erin T. March 12, 2016 at 11:35 AM #

      Old, old hat- one of the only ones she’s worn consistently since we got here. 🙂

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