19 Apr

One more quick picture post just because last night was so much fun and warrants its own post 😉 Fruhlingsfest- or Spring Fest- is a month long festival here in Stuttgart. In a nutshell, it’s the April/May equivalent of Oktoberfest. Seriously, that’s the only difference we could find…which meant no complaints from us! Ha!


Apparently, it’s a bit smaller than the one in the fall, but it still the largest spring celebration in all of Europe. Picture a giant fair with rides, games and all the fair food you can imagine (no elephant ears here- the German favorites are sausages (duh), chocolate covered fruit, candied nuts, french fries and beer (duh)) peppered with ginormous beer ‘tents’ throughout. I use the word ‘tents’ only because that’s what they’re technically called- huge log cabins would be a better description! Ha! Every time we’re in one, we’re amazed that they can be put up and taken down at all, let alone in a matter of days!


I know, right?! And this picture doesn’t even do it justice as to the size or number of people packed in there! I was standing right next to the music stage as I took this shot- I can’t even relay the loudness to you! Each tent is sponsored by a different local brewery, serves its own menu and has its own vibe. Some skew more traditional, some have a younger crowd, some are known to get rowdier than others…You can make reservations for a table, but we’ve never figured out how to, so we always just show up and hope for the best. So far, so good! Ha!


So yeah, kids are allowed in the tents…until things start getting rowdy, which is usually around 7p. By about that time, the beer has been flowing for hours, the smoke is getting thick, well over half of the people are dancing on their tables and the music has reached a whole new level…When we see the first person lean over to puke by their table (you’d be amazed at how common a sight this is as the night goes on!), that’s our cue 😉 But for an early-ish dinner and an unwind, it’s so FUN much for everyone!


From our table, looking toward the music stage…You can see folks starting to stand on their tables and that everyone- young, old, men and women- loves their fest beer!






From the top of the ferris wheel…Sunset over the Neckar River and Fruhlingsfest.


My baby is growing up! She rode a real rollercoaster, the Crazy Mouse, just like home! 



Smoked salmon in an Alpine hut…

If there’s one thing Germans love, it’s a good festival! And they sure know how to do them so well! Always such a good time! And the icing on the cake? Public transportation! Living downtown means we can just hop on the train and get off two stops later at our front door! We’re going to be so spoiled rotten 😉

So, tomorrow we’re southbound for Italy. Yes we’re flying because we’re not crazy enough to drive 12+ hours! Ha! We’ll do the first two days in Rome, then continue southward to Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. John has worked in that area ALOT over the last 10 years, so we’ve spent alot of time there and absolutely love it. We’re excited to share it with family. And we’re especially excited for the forecasted sunshine, warmer weather and delicious Italian food! ❤ Wish us luck!

2 Responses to “Fruhlingsfest!”

  1. Robin April 19, 2016 at 2:23 PM #

    So nice for Mark and Bethany that Germany planned an Octoberfest in April. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the adults.

  2. Eleanor April 19, 2016 at 1:55 PM #

    You will be so spoiled once you get back to SC! Seems to be a party happening each week there! Have a great time in Italy!

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