25 Tidbits…

6 May

…That you may not know about me! Switching things up on this gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon here in Stuttgart and accepting a challenge from a couple of my blogger buddies to reveal 25 REAL things about myself. It’s like being back on MySpace in 2003 all over again when these lists were all the rage! (I know well over half of you know just what I’m talking about 😉 ) Some of these bloggers do a post like this monthly, which I think is just crazy ambitious! Ha! We shall see how this first one goes…Plus, I think I have an extra challenge because I’m already such an open book! So here we go, in completely random order- let’s have some fun!

1. I love getting two- or more- meals for the price of one. If we order Neve dinner at a restaurant and take home half of it for tomorrow’s lunch…If I can cook a big meal early in the week and not have to cook again for Thursday’s dinner…If I have just enough of tonight’s dinner left for John to take for lunch tomorrow…Even if we have just enough leftovers to mix with the pups’ dry food for dinner…I can’t tell you how efficient- and savvy- that makes me feel!

2. I had my first salad on my 27th birthday. They’ve since become one of my favorite foods!

3. Four days after I met John, I told my mom- on a plane to NYC- that I would marry him. On the last night of our trip there, he told me he loved me while we were talking on the phone.

4. I was terrified of flying- and had only done it 3 times- before I met John. A few months after we got married, he had his first big work trip…To Hawaii. And I was too terrified to go with him, yet spent the entire time being jealous and resentful. Then and there, I set my intention to overcome my fear.

5. All these years later, I can still get panicky on flights if I let my imagination run wild.

6. As a kid, I could walk on my hands for over 20 minutes (28 minutes was my record!). Now, I can still do it for nearly 5 minutes!

7. My favorite wild animal is the sloth. I would absolutely love to own a sloth sanctuary.


8. Until I was 32 weeks pregnant, we were told Neve was a boy. We had ‘his’ nursery done, ‘his’ baby shower…His name was Kelly Knox Thomas.

9. I met my best friend, Sam, when we were freshman in college (she started dating one of my good high school friends) and knew instantly that she would be in my life forever.

10. I am the biggest list maker you will ever meet. Grocery lists, packing lists, To Do lists, workout lists, short term goals lists, long term goals lists, Don’t Forget lists…During busy times, I even make master lists of my lists to ensure that all are accounted for!

11. I despise noisy situations. Wild parties, construction sites, crowded restaurants, music turned up too loud in the car…Situations like these make me anxious and frustrated.

mr rogers

12. In the last 6 months alone, I’ve learned to eat- and enjoy- guacamole, hummus, dates, coconut, pistachios, and homemade mayo. Foods I wish I could learn to enjoy? Fish, bell peppers, and whole tomatoes.

13. I could probably earn a world record for the number of song lyrics I know. All decades, all genres…Music is most definitely my language.

14. I plan the week’s meals every single Sunday and often prep many of then them, too.

15. I’m not a social butterfly that many people seem to assume. I would rather have a handful of true, real, genuine friends than a slew of acquaintances.  And once I consider someone a friend, I do my absolute best to be a very, very good friend to them, too.

16. I have chaetophobia, the fear of hair. One of my biggest nightmares is being barefoot, locked in a public restroom with a damp floor with long hair strands sticking to it. (I struggle with this weekly at Neve’s swim lesson.)

17. My top Hollywood crush has always been Pauly Shore. My favorite movie of all time is Son-in-Law.

1990 MTV Video Music Awards

Pauly Shore (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

18. When I make a decision about something, it’s done. There’s no going back, no waffling…I’m a very ‘all or nothing’ person, which is most definitely a double-edged sword.

19. I had an out-of-body experience the morning after Betsy, my Boston Terrier and first soulmate, died, and it was one of the most pivotal points of my life. She came to me at sunrise as an owl. Since then, she has let her presence be known wherever I am by hooting. After her brother, Max, passed away three years later, the amount of hooting increased significantly, letting me know that he, too, had become an owl. This gives me peace.

20. Despite being a certified personal trainer and despite a history of being very active for as long as I can remember, my natural tendency is not toward exercise. Every single day I have to make the conscious decision to move my body just because I know how good it makes me feel afterwards.

21. My favorite place in the world- my happy place- is Hawaii.

22. I’m a hippie at heart and damn proud of it. I believe in astrology, lunar phases, mediation, the Universe, vibrations, interconnections, acceptance, compassion, yoga…

23. Speaking of yoga, there’s not one single thing that has done more my entire being- mind, body and spirit- than yoga. It’s life-changing.


24. I’m obsessed with toothpicks. I use multiple of them every single day and can chew on one for hours.

25. I started this post on Monday as a way to kick off the week, but it took me until Friday to actually come up with 25 things! 😉

Happy Weekend, everyone! They’re calling for a gorgeous, warm(ish), sunny weekend here in Germany and we intend to take full advantage!




3 Responses to “25 Tidbits…”

  1. Robin May 7, 2016 at 1:42 AM #

    Fun blog. Packing tomorrow – see you in a couple of days.

  2. Eleanor May 6, 2016 at 11:19 PM #

    Some of these are just funny! No salad until 27??? No whole tomatoes? A few of these are surprises, but a true friend you are! Can’t wait to see you and I do plan on stealing you away for an hour for just us girls!!! Love you and I wish I could plan meals every Sunday for the week. Actually I wish I wanted to do that! Have a great time with your Mom and Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!

    • jsimssr May 7, 2016 at 12:24 AM #

      Me too on all of the above,,See you this summer..Saw Sam and Chuck yesterday.He plays Miler with his Dad A lot..She was just driving the golf cart..

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