Lovin’ Us Some May!

15 May

Happy Sunday, ladies and gents! We are having a glorious lazy day in our jammies here in Stuttgart, so I figured it would be the perfect time to touch base with everybody before another week gets underway!


Windows rolled down, little hands making wave motions down the road ❤

May has gotten off to a lovely start for us and we’ve stayed jam packed busy. Most importantly, we’ve had some awesome, awesome spring weather! (With the exception of this week that has gone back to frigid- just long enough for Mom’s visit :/) We have taken FULL advantage of getting outside, soaking up that Vitamin D and feeling the grass under our feet.





On the playground outside of our house…That’s us behind her, on the left 🙂

We got to celebrate Mother’s Day, which actually felt more like Mother’s Week between school celebrations and a whole weekend of pampering ❤





Walking to dinner for a double Mother’s Day celebration.



Thanks for my new outfit, Grandma!

Our swim lessons are continuing and Neve is becoming more and more fishlike every week. Ha! We switched pools for this session, to one that’s a tad bit further from our house, but it’s a way larger and nicer facility. Pools here are no joke! The indoor portion has 5 huge pools and 5 whirlpools, in addition to a massage area, infinite saunas and glass atriums galore. The outside portion, which looks like it’s set to open any day now, is absolutely ginormous with no less than 5 Olympic-size pools, umpteen waterslides, playgrounds and endless grassy knolls. Can’t wait for summer 🙂


Our final visitor of the ‘season,’ Goddess, arrived last week and we are having the best time. She’s only staying 12 days this time, which is already feeling like a tiny blip. Having her here is just so easy. We can walk the city, we can shop, we can cook dinner, we can walk to get Neve from school, we can watch movies…It’s just like normal, only more fun ❤ Neve is in Heaven, obvs.


Walking out of school to see that Goddess arrived that morning. BEST.


And finally, I spent yesterday morning throwing a dear, sweet friend a baby shower. It was an especially shower for most of us 11 women, though, because each of us only knew one or two other women. Some of us knew each other from the hotel when we first arrived, before we spread out to each find our home. Some of us have been introduced through mutual friends. Some of us are in Bible Study together. It almost felt like the shower was doubly beneficial- a celebration of Abigail, but also a coming together of women all experiencing similar paths in this season of our lives. A making of friendships. And it was perfectly lovely. ❤


She doesn’t know what she’s having. You don’t get many surprises as an adult, right?!



Y’all know I love any excuse to bake! Homemade Devil’s Food Cupcakes with fresh Buttercream Icing.


The first thing I made for the shower…I went with ‘French Countryside’ as an ode to baby’s heritage…



And while we sat around sipping mimosas and laughing, my girl spent her morning running errands around the city with Daddy. The most important stop? The toy store to spend her money from her finally-full piggy bank! ‘Twas a very good day all around.


And if I could ask each of you a favor…Please send us some good weather juju! This Southern girl is ready for flip flops and sundresses already! Jeez.

3 Responses to “Lovin’ Us Some May!”

  1. Georgia May 16, 2016 at 3:17 PM #

    Sounds like a busy family needed a day of rest. Neve is growing into such a pretty young lady. Love all the pictures & conservation about your life.

  2. Eleanor May 16, 2016 at 1:18 PM #

    Have thought of you and your Mom being together. I know this has been a special time for you both. Next stop ~~~~ Summerville! Can’t wait to see you and Neve! It is cool here this morning and will be cooler the rest of the week. As you know, flip flops are always worn in the South! Love and miss you. Neve is growing up and looks so tall. Always beautiful with a tremendous smile! Love to all.

  3. Robin May 16, 2016 at 7:41 AM #

    Just a perfect couple of weeks hanging out with my girls – John has had to work of course. It will probably be 100 degrees by the time I get home so I am OK with the chilly weather. Everything here is green and lush and blooming though – really enjoying my time. Nice to be included in the wonderful group of ladies for the baby shower. I had met Abigail on a previous visit. Erin has made some amazing friends.

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