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1 Sep

Who would’ve thought that my ’25 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ would be such a popular post! I’ve gotten lots of great comments- and even additional questions- from it! So I figured I’d try to do a Round 2…Remember how I said that some of my blogger friends do these regularly?! I have no clue how. Well, I take that back. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty open book- I call things as I see them, I have no filter, what you see is what you get…So it makes it all the more challenging to actually come up with the things that I tend to keep to myself! So here we go again!

big deal

1. Although you wouldn’t know it today, I’m an avid fingernail biter and have been since I was younger than Neve is now. I quit various times over the years, but not permanently until about 5 years ago when my wisdom teeth started moving around and made it so my top and bottom teeth don’t line up perfectly anymore! So I physically CAN’T bite my nails! (And yes, Neve inherited the gene- that I inherited from my Dad, btw- and started biting her own nails just before her second birthday.)

2. Speaking of wisdom teeth, I still have all 4 of mine despite years of warnings from my dentist and years of them causing me issues. Truth be told, I’m terrified of the anesthesia and would rather hope against hope that they’ll just reach a point where they can just settle in.

3. This one isn’t anything new to those who know me pretty well, but I’ve battled anxiety and panic since I was 17.  I’ve always been very open about this and a huge proponent of eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health. In a nutshell, there was an incident at the beginning of my senior year that triggered my issues and I’ve spent the last 15 years learning about, and ultimately embracing, this part of myself.

4. I love to sweat. Like, love it love it. Whether it’s for exercise, in a sauna, doing yard work or just walking around in the summer (yes, I LOVE this part about Charleston!), it’s one of my absolute favorite feelings. That flush of intense heat you get right before you feel your pores open and it starts flowing…Heaven.


5. *By Reader’s Request :)* My favorite bands. Oh Lord, what a doozy of a question for me since I seriously love just about ALL types of music. But I will try, in no particular order:

  • Better Than Ezra
  • The Cars
  • Beastie Boys
  • Aerosmith
  • Everclear
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Heart
  • U2
  • Queen
  • The Temptations

6. I have seven tattoos- just got my most recent when I was home in June.

7. I really don’t like animated movies. I didn’t even as a kid. And until about 2 years ago, I can honestly say that I hadn’t seen a whole one in at least two decades. I can admit, though, that a few have grown on me- Inside Out, Home and a couple of the old classics…

8. I was in braces- or some form of mouth altering device- for 7+ years. That’s how screwed up my teeth were! I have the world’s smallest mouth and there just wasn’t room for all of them, let alone in an organized fashion! I got my braces off the week before my senior pictures in high school. Thank God. I still sleep in a retainer two nights a week and have a permanent one installed on the bottom 🙂

9. My favorite type of food is breakfast.  I swear I love just about any and all breakfast foods, any time of the day- sweet, savory, gooey, wholesome, hot or cold…My top picks would likely be waffles, sausage biscuits, and cheese grits, but seriously- any will do 🙂


10. *Reader Request :)* My favorite movies, other than Son in Law (see my first 25 Tidbits…).

  • Urban Cowboy
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Blue Crush
  • 50 First Dates
  • The Birdcage
  • Down to You
  • Home Alone
  • Shag
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Crash
  • Dirty Dancing (duh, I’m a girl)
  • Ghost
  • What Dreams May Come
  • Bad Santa
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Elf

11. I learned to swim before two years old and could ski behind our boat before my 5th birthday.

12. There is not a person on this planet who loves Christmas more than I do. Everything about the season- the music, the shopping, the crowds, the weather, the baking, the giving, the feelings around it all. November and December are most definitely my jam.

13. I have the mouth of a sailor. I shit you not. I do my best to reign it in when I need to, but I mostly just embrace it.

curse meme

14. There’s something about taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon that I really dig.

15. I absolutely love mixing hot and cold foods together. Ice cream over a warm brownie or apple pie, cold milk in hot oatmeal, cool salsa or sour cream on a warm taco…You get my drift!


16. Despite my small stature, I walk with a really heavy step. I’ve always felt that my walk is super awkward and I hate for people to watch me walking or walk behind me.

17. I loathe talking on the phone. LOATHE. With the exception of a handful of immediate family members and my absolute closest friends, every time my phone rings, I wish there was a button I could push that would relay the message, ‘Please hang up and evaluate if this can be accomplished with a text or email. Thank you.’ Ha!


18. I recently cut 17 inches off of my hair- 13″ before we went home and another 4″ while we were there! And I LOVE it!

19. I couldn’t care less about brand names- for clothes, for shoes, for handbags, for accessories, for art…As long as I like it- as long as it speaks to me- that’s what I care about. Now, that’s not to be confused with not caring about nice things. On the contrary- I really like nice things, well-made made things, high quality things…But here’s the thing- all of the above can be found where you least expect it if you just look for it.

20. Which brings me to what I do think it usually worth the money…TRAVEL. I know this isn’t a shocker considering I’m posting this on travel-centric blog, but it’s true and something I can’t reiterate enough. If you’re in a position to stretch your comfort zone, to see other ways of life, to educate yourself on other cultures, to get lost in foreign lands…DO IT. Stay at the nice place, eat at the good restaurant, walk until you’re sure your feet won’t recover. Even if it’s only in a new-to-you city an hour from your house. And do it NOW. It will change your life.


21. My current girl crushes include Ruby Rose, Emma Stone, Ellen and Samira Wiley.

22. I absolutely, positively MUST have a toothpick after every meal.

23. I’m fascinated by abandoned places- vines growing all over buildings, houses going back to nature, items left behind to tell the stories…That’s just it- it’s the stories of places that once had such life…FASCINATED.


24. A bath can help to solve any problem. If I’m sick, if I’m stressed, if I’m angry, if I’m grieving…Taking a hot bath instantly brings me up a notch or two. I take at least one every single day.

25. I physically sway or rock just about all the time. It’s not a nervous thing at all, but rather a peaceful one. If I’m standing in a line somewhere or at the bathroom sink doing my hair and make up…If I’m standing on the street corner catching up with a friend or sitting by myself in a parked car…I can almost guarantee you that there’s music playing in my head, that I’m swaying side to side and that I’m pretty zen. ❤


So there you have it- 25 more things that you may not have known about me! Sheesh, I’m spent. It’s taken me nearly 6 weeks of keeping a list to come up with this many! So with that in mind, maybe I’ll set myself a goal to do another one by the holidays! Ha!

Happy Thursday!


4 Responses to “25 More…”

  1. jsimssr September 2, 2016 at 2:17 AM #

    Sorry about your teeth and anxiety. Really hate #17.You know I like one on one ,Now, Communication.#spelltalking. Also. I knew you best at 17 through 21 years old.Miss you buddy. Your old friend, Johnny

    • Erin T. September 2, 2016 at 9:22 AM #

      I miss you, too 🙂 And I’d certainly talk on the phone for you- our problem has always seemed to be timing conflicts! For the ten years I owned LPS, my phone averaged 650 rings a day- pretty sure that’s where my hatred of it came from 🙂

  2. Eleanor September 2, 2016 at 2:09 AM #

    These many years I thought you were perfect! Actually I still do!!! BUT I used to bite my fingernails also! Love you!

    • Erin T. September 2, 2016 at 9:22 AM #

      Miss you terribly! Love you!

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