Happy Friday, Y’all!

28 Oct

Oh my goodness, it’s been forever since I posted- sorry about that! I realized this morning that I hadn’t had a ‘normal life’ post in ages, mainly because we were on the go in some neat places for a good long while there! But now we’re back, our company is all gone, real life has resumed…And I’ll be honest, it’s been quite the adjustment these last few weeks, for all of us. But we’re hanging in there and settling back into our routine. We’ve celebrated John’s birthday (once with company and once on the actual day), we’ve met up with friends, we’ve carved pumpkins, we’ve walked to school on dreary mornings…Just wanted to share some of our normal with you before we get into this fun-filled Halloween weekend ❤








First time in real make up ❤



Classmates ❤




Three inches in the one year since we moved here! Time, slow down!


I spy ears.


When your daughter says that you have to be royalty to carve a pumpkin, you comply. #realman



Fall Family Movie Night- Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Popcorn ❤


City Girls


Still can’t imagine life without our tribe…


Aunt Bethany always delivers some huge smiles!

Fall has arrived here in Stuttgart, the colors are getting more brilliant by the day, the days are getting shorter- and chillier…Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article talking about this beautiful season and it really struck a chord with me, especially given the challenges I’ve been feeling these last few weeks. Alas, the Universe providing  in perfect timing as it always does. And I want to leave a snippet here with you as a reminder of the beauty of change, of growth, of rebirth…That it happens whether we want it to or not and that while it can certainly be challenging- or downright painful- in the process, it so often gives way to something so much more…if you let it. Happy Fall ❤

Fall is a spiritual season. Part of the tree dies in order to regenerate a healthier version of itself for later in its life. We are but observers of divine healing. As Gatsby put it, ‘life starts all over again when the air gets crisp in the fall.’ There is something incredibly hopeful about fresh starts.


One Response to “Happy Friday, Y’all!”

  1. Eleanor October 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM #

    Once again, love all the pictures. Had a great talk with your Dad yesterday and he is staying positive even he wants to be in the yard! Love you and Happy Halloween to Neve!

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