Fall or Winter?!

8 Nov

I ask that question because here we are in Stuttgart, November 8, and there are snow flurries! Seriously?! I’m so not ready for this. Especially not when it’s just cold enough to hurt your skin and make it impossible to ever get really warm, but not quite cold enough to keep the flurries from turning back into rain every other second! Annoying. Except to this kid.


Alright, let me back up and pick up where we left off last week, with Halloween. I asked Neve while we were putting on her costume, getting ready to head on base to trick-or-treat with friends (Germans don’t do this tradition) why she chose to be ‘Cinderella, but before she turns into a princess’ for Halloween this year. She thought for a few seconds and held up two fingers. “Well first, all the girls pick the fancy princesses. And second, we all know that she turns into the princess at the end- she just has to wait for it for a little bit.” Oh, the lessons we can learn from our children if we just listen.





The Two Cinderallas. Neve is before the change, Emma is after ❤


Joined by Evelyn as Spiderman ❤


We also hit another big milestone- Neve’s first ‘real’ haircut! I’ve cut her hair three times since she was born, the last being just after we moved here. But it tuns out she got Mommy and Daddy’s thick, wavy (getting curlier by the day!) and it’s just out of this mama’s wheelhouse now! Ha! So we looked at lots and lots of pictures with all different lengths- she was torn between shoulder length and leaving it long, so we opted for longish with the promise to go back soon if she still wanted it shorter!- and headed over to the kids’ salon. The coolest part? They braid it after the cut and spray it with glitter ❤



Waiting patiently…


Four inches gone!


After ❤

And it just so happens that Neve had saved up enough money to stop by the toy store on the way home and finally buy the Princess Cadence she’s been wanting since she first laid eyes on it in August! She was so proud of herself and has played with it every single day since. I think that’s a first considering how may toys fall by the wayside!

Another big milestone? Officially starting gymnastics! Well, technically we’ve tried it about 3 times, but options are so limited for the younger kids, especially over here, so we’re finally to the 5-10 year old real class, complete with all the normal events! This means so much to this mama who was a competitive gymnast for ten years! Neve is LOVING it. Seriously, she’s been talking about and practicing her ‘cartwheels’ constantly. Really can’t tell you how happy this makes us- to see her so excited about something.


Lunch with our girl after buying her first leotards ❤

Even the drive to and from gymnastics is a pretty one. It’s held on Robinson Barracks, the US base on the northern rim of the city- the same one where Neve will start kindergarten in the fall.



Other than that, we’ve just been living the life. Enjoying fall (yes, before these stupid flurries!), getting our arts and crafts on, missing our family back home but LOVING that they love us so much to send the best care packages…<3



Day out of school means a trip to the art store to paint some pottery…Maybe a Christmas ornament for our cousin, Norah? 😉


John came home with flowers, just because ❤


Early out school day means there’s more time for fun with friends!


Walking to school ❤

That’s about it from our side of the pond. Veteran’s Day is this Friday (thank you to those who serve and have served) and we will be celebrating with a little family getaway to Eltz Castle in Chochem, Germany. We watched a special on it a while back- Rick Steves considers it the ‘best castle in the world’- and John’s been dying to visit ever since. And don’t you worry, I’ll report back with pretty pictures next week. 😉 In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little craziness…Thanksgiving is two weeks from this Thursday and Christmas is 6 weeks away. WHAT?! How is it already time for Elf on the Shelf planning?! Oh well, no one loves this season more than me! Except maybe for my Neve ❤


Quick shout out to myself for how much I’m embracing my bullet journal (totally recommend it, couldn’t live without it now!) and how much I’m learning to stretch my creative comfort zones! Look at that elf drawing! Ha!

One Response to “Fall or Winter?!”

  1. Georgia November 11, 2016 at 3:07 AM #

    Such pretty pictures & I really enjoyed them. Thanks

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