Boone for the Holidays

2 Feb

So after our marvelous Christmas at home, our next stop was the North Carolina mountains to spend some much needed time with John’s family. Over the years, we’ve often met in Gatlinburg because it’s about halfway between Charleston and Lexington, KY. Sometimes we like to switch it up, though, so for this holiday season, we opted for Boone, NC. Every time I’m there I’m reminded of just what a cool little town it is, how much personality is packed into it and just how pretty the entire region really is.

In true Thomas fashion, we found a great big house to rent for our time and it ended up being such a fun house. My guess is that it was once a sorority house just based on how it was set up with lots of private bathrooms, lots of separate sitting areas, individual thermostats…Well, whatever it was, it’s now call the YaYa House and is owned by four self-proclaimed hippie ladies who have gone out their ways to add all the little touches that make a house a unique home.


I think I’ve told y’all this before, but one of my favorite things about visiting with John’s side of the family is the large size and the ‘togetherness’ of it. Playing boardgames into the night, doing puzzles, cooking…Not having to ‘do’ much of anything, yet still making some of the best memories. I love that about the Thomases, always have. And I absolutely love the way our families have melded together since Day 1 ❤



Checking out the week’s digs ❤



Yep, the owners even left up all the Christmas decorations for our belated celebration…




Brisk early morning walks around the (oh-so-hilly) neighborhood ❤





Can’t go wrong when these two bake and decorate your birthday cake!


Lost Province Brewing Co.



Playing word games by the twinkly lights…


An afternoon exploring downtown Boone ❤




These two. #RelationshipGoals #whenboardgamesrequirehandsonparticipation


Mining for gems- we ended up with two rubies and a sapphire 🙂


And this Rose Quartz, Neve’s favorite ❤

And as if our time together wasn’t fabulous enough, Mother Nature even gave us a gift on our last morning- SNOW! Oh, it was so pretty. And our time in the mountains was so lovely. We really are blessed to call such great people our family…And who would’ve thought that we’d come to the Carolinas and see snow, not once but TWICE! That’s right! Stay tuned for Part 3 of our time at home for the holidays, when it snows in Charleston during Neve’s birthday celebration! Talk about a cool unexpected gift!




One Response to “Boone for the Holidays”

  1. Robin and Larry February 2, 2017 at 1:18 PM #

    Always love times spent with John’s family.

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