Still Home for the Holidays

3 Feb

Thanks for stopping back by for one last edition of our ‘Home for the Holidays!’ Trust me, it’s way easier to do it this way than trying to cram it all into one mega post that would take me three days to write- and you three days to read! Ha!

So, we got home from the mountains just in time to ring in the New Year and to watch the Clemson Tigers earn their spot in the National Championship. On top of that, we had decided to hold our ‘Thanksgiving 2.0’ feast as our NYE meal, so it really was an awesome, awesome night all around. I mean, what could be better than fireworks, football, a HUGE win, and the most delicious meal we’ve had all year?! Yeah, nothing, what’s what. 😉

All the AHHHHHH-MAZING foods we missed for the original, even if it meant five carb-loaded side dishes and three desserts! Ha! But it was so much more than the food. Mom and I cooked ALL. DAY. LONG. Every single recipe was handpicked; every single dish prepared from scratch while we gabbed and sampled and giggled. Our family then gathered around the table and feasted and laughed and savored…together. It was absolutely what we’d missed so much back in November. ❤


Cheering on the Tigers!


My first sight of 2017- walking out of the gym just after the sun came up on New Years Day. Had high hopes it was a good sign of things to come…


Mornings spent playing in the floor in your PJs are the best ❤


Yep, when you FaceTime with your pets ❤ (Side note: John had to go home a bit before us- work always gets in the way, doesn’t it?)



We were so fortunate to get to spend some good time with our sweet boy, Merlin, while we were in town. He passed away about 2 weeks after this picture was taken, at the age of 21. Will never forget what a truly cool cat he was. ❤

The biggest celebration of all came the following weekend when we kicked off Neve’s Birthday Week. How is my baby 5 years old already?! Goddess and Poppy had wanted to do something special for her while we were in town, so they booked a party at Chuck E. Cheese- Neve’s first time there! What a rite of passage ❤ Again, kept it super simple and small- and she had a blast! Added bonus? It snowed while we were there! Neve pointed out the window and yelled, ‘Look! Look! It’s snowing in South Carolina! I told you it was going to snow here!’ Touche, my girl.














Couldn’t wait to get home to break open her gifts!

And just like all the best things in life, our time at home- with the people we love the most- came to an end in the blink of an eye. What better send off than a big ‘ol dinner of true Lowcountry cuisine? Pork rinds with blue cheese and Texas Pete, pulled pork, brisket and mac-n-cheese…Mmmmmm.

And the next morning- our travel day, coincidentally- we woke up with a true 5 YEAR OLD! Oh my word, I can’t even. So of course, before we made our way to the airport, we had to start the day off right- with pink pancakes, frosting, sprinkles and whipped cream!




All settled in and ready to spend our night high over the Atlantic…with our matching tattoos ❤

Words can’t describe what a wonderful time we had being home for the holiday season. It was so special for so many reasons- and it was exactly what our family needed. We certainly are blessed- all of us. And we need to remind ourselves of that every single day- to be present, to be open, to feel gratitude even in the smallest of moments, and to do our absolute best not to take any of it for granted. ❤

I’ll leave you with a shot I took just after walking in the door at home in Stuttgart…when Neve discovered her big birthday gift that Daddy had been assembling- complete with custom lighting on each floor (love our engineer!)- while we were away. Just look at that happy face- Morning. Made.


2 Responses to “Still Home for the Holidays”

  1. Robin and Larry February 3, 2017 at 1:24 PM #

    Thanks for letting us relive the memories.

  2. Eleanor February 3, 2017 at 1:22 PM #

    Love the happy pictures! I always wanted a doll house like that. I am so glad the holidays were terrific! Love y’all!

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