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Happy (Just About) Summer!

25 May

Greetings, all! Fancy seeing you here- it’s been a while! Let me start by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made the move with me over to Treats, Travels And Truths– there’s absolutely no other place I’d rather start the journey than with you guys who have been following our shenanigans for all this time right here.The new site is coming along so nicely- growth is slow, but steady, and I’m learning more every day about the ins and outs of blogging on a larger scale. Most importantly, I’m having a really good time with it and that’s really all that matters, right? Please, please, please continue to help me spread the word and get the site out there- sharing it on Facebook or Instagram, sending the link to friends in emails or just telling them about it. I SO appreciate it. And you. ❤

So I just wanted to share some pictures from our last month or so. We’ve been really busy- and in a really good way for the most part! Y’all know we’ve had some visitors- my mom came for my birthday at the beginning of April and then John’s sister, brother and his family came a few weeks ago when we all headed to Greece (phenomenal vacay, btw). Other than that, we’ve been kinda all over the place- waiting for spring to arrive and taking advantage of days when it teases us (see the snow pictures below that were taken mid-April!), getting Neve registered for Kindergarten, Fruhlingsfest (the largest spring festival in the world!), rock climbing (Neve is in LOVE), celebrating Mother’s Day…Have a look!





She’s really taken an interest in drawing- and is pretty darn good!



Anybody else think these are the best kinds of lunch EVER?!


Bedtime Stories ❤








Chocolate-covered fruit on sticks…






What better last weekend in Germany than homemade pizza from scratch?!


Morning waves from school ❤


Mother’s Day Breakfast at Kindi…



Found a huge rock climbing gym less than 20 minutes from the house! Neve has really started showing an interest and is really good at it!



What do you do when you’re out walking the pups on Sunday afternoon, but a storm is rolling in? Find the nearest biergarten and wait it out 🙂



All doing our best impressions of the ‘Ears Up’ pose 😉



Waiting out the storm at the biergarten, overlooking Stuttgart…


Good Lord. He is mine. ❤


Just finished with Kindergarten Orientation on base. Safe to say that all three of us like the school, the teachers…and the playground! September can’t get here soon enough for this kid!


We make Countdown Chains for so many things. This one marks when Daddy gets home this Saturday (the link with the stars) and when Uncle Andy arrives (the link with the smiley faces). This is the first chain that Neve made entirely by herself 😦

I told you we’ve been pretty dang busy! Lots of fun, though, and some pretty exciting stuff (how do we have a Kindergartner?!). And I’m happy to report that the weather is *finally* cooperating for the most part- we’re at least reaching 70/75F most days! Ha! I swear summer can’t get here soon enough! Speaking of which, our next adventure begins in just 5 days! We’re headed for the Canary Islands next week to do (hopefully) a whole lotta nothing- sun, sand, waves, drinks with umbrellas…Ha! This family needs some summatime, dammit! My little bit of planning is officially done (see selfie below where I reconfirm that I’m a nerd and must write down everything!), John gets home Saturday (he’s been in the States for work since last weekend), and Uncle Andy gets here Monday (he’s needing some Canary Islands in his life, too!) Life is good, friends. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Lovin’ Us Some May!

15 May

Happy Sunday, ladies and gents! We are having a glorious lazy day in our jammies here in Stuttgart, so I figured it would be the perfect time to touch base with everybody before another week gets underway!


Windows rolled down, little hands making wave motions down the road ❤

May has gotten off to a lovely start for us and we’ve stayed jam packed busy. Most importantly, we’ve had some awesome, awesome spring weather! (With the exception of this week that has gone back to frigid- just long enough for Mom’s visit :/) We have taken FULL advantage of getting outside, soaking up that Vitamin D and feeling the grass under our feet.





On the playground outside of our house…That’s us behind her, on the left 🙂

We got to celebrate Mother’s Day, which actually felt more like Mother’s Week between school celebrations and a whole weekend of pampering ❤





Walking to dinner for a double Mother’s Day celebration.



Thanks for my new outfit, Grandma!

Our swim lessons are continuing and Neve is becoming more and more fishlike every week. Ha! We switched pools for this session, to one that’s a tad bit further from our house, but it’s a way larger and nicer facility. Pools here are no joke! The indoor portion has 5 huge pools and 5 whirlpools, in addition to a massage area, infinite saunas and glass atriums galore. The outside portion, which looks like it’s set to open any day now, is absolutely ginormous with no less than 5 Olympic-size pools, umpteen waterslides, playgrounds and endless grassy knolls. Can’t wait for summer 🙂


Our final visitor of the ‘season,’ Goddess, arrived last week and we are having the best time. She’s only staying 12 days this time, which is already feeling like a tiny blip. Having her here is just so easy. We can walk the city, we can shop, we can cook dinner, we can walk to get Neve from school, we can watch movies…It’s just like normal, only more fun ❤ Neve is in Heaven, obvs.


Walking out of school to see that Goddess arrived that morning. BEST.


And finally, I spent yesterday morning throwing a dear, sweet friend a baby shower. It was an especially shower for most of us 11 women, though, because each of us only knew one or two other women. Some of us knew each other from the hotel when we first arrived, before we spread out to each find our home. Some of us have been introduced through mutual friends. Some of us are in Bible Study together. It almost felt like the shower was doubly beneficial- a celebration of Abigail, but also a coming together of women all experiencing similar paths in this season of our lives. A making of friendships. And it was perfectly lovely. ❤


She doesn’t know what she’s having. You don’t get many surprises as an adult, right?!



Y’all know I love any excuse to bake! Homemade Devil’s Food Cupcakes with fresh Buttercream Icing.


The first thing I made for the shower…I went with ‘French Countryside’ as an ode to baby’s heritage…



And while we sat around sipping mimosas and laughing, my girl spent her morning running errands around the city with Daddy. The most important stop? The toy store to spend her money from her finally-full piggy bank! ‘Twas a very good day all around.


And if I could ask each of you a favor…Please send us some good weather juju! This Southern girl is ready for flip flops and sundresses already! Jeez.

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