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Spring in Stuttgart

4 Apr

Hello again! I go from MIA for nearly a month to twice in a matter of days! Sheesh. I’m sorry about that. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve got something big in the pipeline- a project that’s been taking up a good bit of my time and that I’m really excited to share with all of you in the very near future. *And before some of you start jumping to (crazy) conclusions, nope, I’m definitely not pregnant, nor adding any living creature to the family 😉 But in all seriousness, it is a venture that I’m pretty damn pumped about and that I’m feeling so, so good about. I promise to share more in the coming weeks!

That being said, let’s consider this a photo dump post because we haven’t had one in a really long time! March was a really busy month around here- you already saw the Retro Classics Car Show and that we had Uncle Andy here to join us for the Bunkerhotel– but we also spent a heckuva lotta time welcoming spring, hanging out with friends, welcoming biergarten season back (hallelujah!), exploring new (to us) haunts in our city, etc.

So in completely random order, I present to you the, ‘Thomas Family Month in Pictures…’ (*warning: it’s alot, like alot alot. 😉 )


New pants, vintage boots ❤


The 70s called- they want their look back. Never.




You know a carwash is the bomb.com when you have to take a picture.


Thumbs up for new house shoes at school!




One pup took the other pup’s treat. Can you guess which is which? Ha!




Afterschool Tea Parties ❤



When you’re still in a funk from yesterday, but you have to walk the city…1. Ear buds in so no one will talk to you – > No explaining that you don’t speak German. 2. Sunglasses on so no eye contact. 3. Ball cap on to erase any doubt that you’re American. Ha!



(German) Breakfast of Champions


Tulip Trees are my favorites ❤ (And Redbuds…)


Sunrise from my side of the bed…




Nothing better than homemade frozen yogurt pops after school!


Slumber Parties ❤






When you don’t know if it’s because you just got out of school for the day, or if it’s that it’s finally feeling like spring, or if it’s that the sun is out for the fourth (!) day in a row…You’re just…THANKFUL.







Saturday morning farmers market ❤


When you see one of these in your mailbox, it’s a great day. When you see 5…It’s like freakin’ Christmas! Bring on the packages!

Sunday afternoon at the Stuttgart Planetarium. Neve’s first such experience- she LOVED it.

Another Sunday afternoon at the local biergarten with friends…







Pretty impressed with myself for creating this Stuttgart skyline…


Beauty and the Beast in 3D ❤




She loved this outfit she picked all by herself ❤



Stuttgart Opera House


New Palace




Whew! I warned you it was alot! Ha! Thanks for sticking it out with me. I promise I’m going to try to do better this month. For now, I’m going to try to contain my excitement as my mom gets here in 36 hours!! Total last minute surprise trip just in time for my birthday this weekend (and Easter the following) and I simply can’t think of a better gift than having her here. In many ways, it’s been a very challenging season for my whole family (will elaborate on that in due time…), so having her here for just a couple weeks is a really good thing for me…and for her. Can. Not. Wait. ❤

Weekend Mash-Up

23 May

Happy Monday, y’all! After looking at the forecast, I purposefully saved this post until today for the total irony of it all. The weather here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday was to die for. And we were outside just about every single hour possible on those days, welcoming Spring (er, isn’t it technically almost summer??)…for the third time this year. Jeez. As I type this, it’s pouring down rain so hard that I can barely see the TV Tower that I wrote about yesterday and it’s a frigid 53*F, two degrees colder than when I walked Neve to school earlier this morning. Yeah. FML.

What better time to reminisce about warmer, sunnier times, right? Yep, join me as I reminisce all the way back to this past weekend, when we ate every single meal outside, when John and I had our first date night (to the oldest restaurant in Stuttgart, btw) in months, when we strolled through the farmers markets, when we loaded up the pups and headed out to the country side to feel the cool grass beneath our feet and the sunbeams on our faces…



Showing off her toy store find (Princess Elsa) that she bought with her own piggy bank money…









Oldest restaurant in the city…


Not sure how I’d get through my Sunday ride without her enthusiastic support… 😉




Searching for the missing tennis ball…Coincidentally, in the distance on the left, you can see the TV Tower. I told you it’s pretty visible from wherever you are! Ha!











And now here’s the silver lining for this crummy weather that moved in here since some of these were taken just yesterday: Friday we are beach-bound and headed for Portugal for 6 days! It’ll be our first time in the country and it’s one that’s been on our Bucket List for forever, so to say we’re excited is an understatement! Months ago, we decided to combine Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day all into one big Portuguese celebration. We’re staying right on the beach outside of Lisbon, so hopefully it’ll be the perfect spot to do some sand lounging (pray for good weather, please!) and some city seeing. And hopefully that means that some pretty pictures- and fun blog posts- are pretty much a given 🙂  Stay tuned!





Lovin’ Us Some May!

15 May

Happy Sunday, ladies and gents! We are having a glorious lazy day in our jammies here in Stuttgart, so I figured it would be the perfect time to touch base with everybody before another week gets underway!


Windows rolled down, little hands making wave motions down the road ❤

May has gotten off to a lovely start for us and we’ve stayed jam packed busy. Most importantly, we’ve had some awesome, awesome spring weather! (With the exception of this week that has gone back to frigid- just long enough for Mom’s visit :/) We have taken FULL advantage of getting outside, soaking up that Vitamin D and feeling the grass under our feet.





On the playground outside of our house…That’s us behind her, on the left 🙂

We got to celebrate Mother’s Day, which actually felt more like Mother’s Week between school celebrations and a whole weekend of pampering ❤





Walking to dinner for a double Mother’s Day celebration.



Thanks for my new outfit, Grandma!

Our swim lessons are continuing and Neve is becoming more and more fishlike every week. Ha! We switched pools for this session, to one that’s a tad bit further from our house, but it’s a way larger and nicer facility. Pools here are no joke! The indoor portion has 5 huge pools and 5 whirlpools, in addition to a massage area, infinite saunas and glass atriums galore. The outside portion, which looks like it’s set to open any day now, is absolutely ginormous with no less than 5 Olympic-size pools, umpteen waterslides, playgrounds and endless grassy knolls. Can’t wait for summer 🙂


Our final visitor of the ‘season,’ Goddess, arrived last week and we are having the best time. She’s only staying 12 days this time, which is already feeling like a tiny blip. Having her here is just so easy. We can walk the city, we can shop, we can cook dinner, we can walk to get Neve from school, we can watch movies…It’s just like normal, only more fun ❤ Neve is in Heaven, obvs.


Walking out of school to see that Goddess arrived that morning. BEST.


And finally, I spent yesterday morning throwing a dear, sweet friend a baby shower. It was an especially shower for most of us 11 women, though, because each of us only knew one or two other women. Some of us knew each other from the hotel when we first arrived, before we spread out to each find our home. Some of us have been introduced through mutual friends. Some of us are in Bible Study together. It almost felt like the shower was doubly beneficial- a celebration of Abigail, but also a coming together of women all experiencing similar paths in this season of our lives. A making of friendships. And it was perfectly lovely. ❤


She doesn’t know what she’s having. You don’t get many surprises as an adult, right?!



Y’all know I love any excuse to bake! Homemade Devil’s Food Cupcakes with fresh Buttercream Icing.


The first thing I made for the shower…I went with ‘French Countryside’ as an ode to baby’s heritage…



And while we sat around sipping mimosas and laughing, my girl spent her morning running errands around the city with Daddy. The most important stop? The toy store to spend her money from her finally-full piggy bank! ‘Twas a very good day all around.


And if I could ask each of you a favor…Please send us some good weather juju! This Southern girl is ready for flip flops and sundresses already! Jeez.

Spring has Sprung!

4 Apr

And yep, we’ve been doing the happy dance for days! Last Wednesday was the first day since September that we had sunshine AND temps in the mid-60s. I even texted my good Michigan friend, Sue, as I was walking to pick up Neve that afternoon that I must be acclimating because I only had on short sleeves and felt great! At home, I’m usually the one in a jacket until we at least hit 80! Ha!

So yeah, our whole weekend was about getting outside, breathing the fresh air, letting the sun hit our faces and the scents of spring wafting through our open windows. *HEAVENLY*

We kicked off the weekend at the Paulaner Biergarten with friends. Hallelujah for it finally being biergarten season again! One of our absolute favorite things about Europe! It’s a way of life here and we are ready, willing and able to embrace it!



And of course, after a delicious German meal, you’ve got to have a little stroll, a stop off at a playground, an ice cream cone…and some selfies. 🙂

Sunday was by far the prettiest day of the year so far. It was mid-70s and not a cloud in the sky. We slept in (yay!), John fixed us breakfast (yay!) and then we through on our tennis shoes and headed out to trek around our city (woohoo!). Flowers in bloom, the fountains back flowing (they drain them empty for winter, obvs) and plenty of folks just like us looking to take advantage of such an awesome day. Schlossplatz, the main square in the city, was covered in sunbathers, picnickers, people watchers and relaxers. We claimed a perfect little spot just for us ❤









Afternoon snack while we’re out…

Looking ahead at this week’s forecast, it doesn’t look like Spring is quite ready to make a commitment (tsk, tsk, tease), but we’re still moving in the right direction at least! Temps in the 60s mostly (I may or may not have seen a high of 54 on day, but I refuse to talk about it!) and some spotty sun. Today was chillier, but the first thing Neve asked when I picked her up from school was, ‘Can we stop in the bakery and eat a pastry on our walk home?’ Absolutely, sweet girl. That’s one of the reasons here. ❤


Shalom from Tel Aviv!

14 Sep

Sorry for the delay, but I just wanted to let y’all know that I made it safely to Tel Aviv!  Because of the religious days of rest, flights only arrive VERY late on Sunday nights (by the time I landed and got through Customs, it was nearly 4a!)…

Arriving in Tel Aviv...Looks just like any HUGE city!

Day 1 was PERFECT.  For starters, I’d slept with the window open, so from the moment I opened my eyes, I could see the SUNSHINE flooding into the room, not to mention the feel of WARM sea breeze blowing through!  AHHHH…Just what I needed, especially after being sick for most of last week!

View from my window 🙂 And yep, that's the ocean in the distance...

We spent the morning at the beach.  It’s always neat to me how beaches vary from place to place.  Case in point, here, obviously there’s alot of sand long before you ever get near the ocean.  The term, ‘dunes,’ also takes on a whole new (bigger!) meaning here! Ha!  The water (Mediterranean Ocean) ranges from blue to green and is only slightly cooler than bath water. 🙂

The Mediterranean...


Lunch view from our cabana 🙂

Mmmm...Hummus and Pita Bread...


After a leisurely afternoon, we headed over to the Herzilya Pituach district of Tel Aviv for dinner.

Hadn't had Japanese food in AGES!

Some of the best grilled calamari I've ever had...

Tofu and edamame salad...Sam's fav 🙂

A table FULL! And lots of stuffed (well, Chucks's is almost stuffed!) bellies 🙂

Day 1 was definitely a success!  Best part?  Being with the people I love.  Now, if only John and the pups could be here- Thomas, Party of 4 just isn’t the same with 3 of its founding members not present!  Guess I’ll just have to settle for being part of Eidson, Party of 5 this week 🙂

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